NODDAY! Ramble

So who am I? A very unique individual…my kids (a soon to be 29 year old son and 25 year old daughter) call me theri crazy gypsy mom.

I have been married to my best frioend for 33 years–yep we were high school sweethearts! It really does happen–we were however NOT homecoming king and queen…we were the “cubes”…into science club and such… (including a black powder cannon–in small town Nevada there are lots of places to fire them) Our first computer was a TRS 80 before they had a cassette tape drive (and were really happy when we replaced the tape drive

Love Belly dance, fire performers, walking in the rain, trying to play the guitar, singing off-key, playin with the grandbaby, reading books on quantum physics (yeah really), string theory, bubble theory, logic puzzles, crossword puzzles, Brian Jacques Redwall series (you shouldn’t give kids books you haven’t read–if you do–how do you share the experience???)…thought it was fun to learn to get a charlie brown to print on computer paper (the old sprokcket fed green n white lstriped stuff) using punch cards on a Berkley link computer in high school (yeah wierd things come to mind in a post like this)

I have only met a couple of crafts I don’t like–needle point and cross-stitch…everything else is fair-game–my favorite being quilting–my granma taught me very young…and I still hand quilt (kinda a dying art) I find it quite satisfying–especially on a prayer shawl… Dollmaking comes in second…I also like making jewelry–beading is fun–but melting metal is just plain awesome! :slight_smile: I learned to tat, and how to use a lucet (and I own more than one) to make cord, how make netting (and own a netting shuttle)

Taught both my kids how to sew (yep the boy too), how to make butter–we normally have homemade butter at thanksgiving still–sometimes we miss—just because we forget till its too late–the heavy cream never goes to waste :slight_smile:

learned to pan for gold…and what mercury looks like in your gold pan–very fun to play with-

Love animals–have a dog (a doberman named Kira) and 2 cats–Lilo and Sushi

Love games–mainstream board games like Monopoly and Scrabble–Xbox (love Halo, Gears of War, Rock Band—oh the list goes on), not so mainstream board games liek Twighlights struggle and Combat Commander-card based games like Muchkins (Munchkin Quest too!!)–oh not many of them I don’t liek either

LOVE jigsaw puzzles…we have a news years traditon that centers around jigsaw puzzles!

Work like driving is a necessary evil of life–wating for the day that “scotty beam me up” technology is real–and I win the lottery! yes it is good to have dreams…

Hi Denise! Great to hear about how much you enjoy life.

I have also married my best friend/high school sweetheart, we have been married for 22 1/2 years. I have 2 daughters 21 & 18.

We have 2 dogs (Skittles and Brynn) as well as 2 cats (Peter and Noel) and a fish tank. We have had a lot of pets through the years as I love animals.

I also like crafts though I never could get the hang of kniotting and crocheting (sp?). My hands just don’t seem to want to work like that - I also can’t seem to comprehend chopsticks!

I like board games but not to crazy about the video games, just haven’t taken time to figure them out.

I love the beach and water.
I love cooking and baking - just can’t eat too much of it anymore.

Life is what we make of it. No one else is responsible for our happiness but us. Keep active and enjoying your family! Always have Dreams!

Denise, my quilting buddy, quilting is at least a 3 billion a year hobby here in the US…I didn’t know that you could tat!! We had The Lost Art Lacers at the NJ State Fair this year, and they were awesome. Keep up the good work.

Yesterday I was thinking, while walking along with Andreina (my wife, in case anyone reading doesn’t know): aren’t we fortunate when we find a partner in life whom we feel with as if it were the first day? To spend our lives with our best friends… what a great thing to have happen to you! :slight_smile:

Loved your post. You’re a geek-girl like me! I’ve been known to do some quilting, but not the last few years. 6 ops on my hands later and they’re fixed, but I lost interest. I’m an animal person too (dog/cat) and a Trekie (not the first series). I make jewellery and I love that. I get some great silver pieces from eBay - really cheap from China, but you have to know your seller. In my other life I run a business as IT Consultant for accounting software… when I could be bothered (burnout last year). Nice to meet you!