Flu shot question

I’ve had the flu shot many times times through out my life. The last 10 years I haven’t missed a shot.

Yesterday I got a flu shot in my shoulder but I haven’t had a single side effect.

No pain of any kind at the injection or any other symptoms. My wife and kids all had sore shoulders. I think in the past I’ve always had some small symptom.

I’m curious is this typical for anyone else. I’m a little wondering if they actually gave me a flu shot or mistakenly gave me something else. This was an at work vaccination so they offer several vaccines but I was only getting flu.

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I did not have any pain r swelling this year either.

Funny you mention this. Normally I have a little soreness after flu shot, this time it was extra bad it was intensely sore for a day and moderately sore for 2 days after.
I think everyone reacts a little different. Depending on how you react to each strain that you get.

A few months ago I got the PCV13 vaccine and about 10 hours later I could not move my arm at all. I took some ibuprofen which helped a lot. I was laughing because it was crazy how much it hurt to try to move.

I also get the flu shot every year. I’ve never had a bad reaction…not even soreness in the arm…and it was no different this year.

Some years the injection sight would get a little sore but was told that it is normal. Maybe the person giving you the shots was not the best.

I had a similar thought. I don’t remember any prior reactions - maybe some inflammation on the injection area - but this time, it happened so quickly, with so little notice, that I kept wondering if the pharmacist had actually given me an injection.

I’ve had this happen and wondered if I actually got the vaccine… I didn’t get the flu, but couldn’t say whether that was because of the shot or not!

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Thank you, its good to hear I’m not the only one that has gotten a shot and had zero evidence of it later. I would just hate to get the flu because someone gave me a different vaccine than I actually came in for. I started looking into if its safe to get a second flu shot because I want to make sure i really got the correct shot.

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I don’t get any side effects from the flu shot. I mean, the needle site kinda hurts, that’s it.

It can sometimes depend on the skill of the person who gives the injection. I sometimes used to have a slight bruising feeling as the only side effect when I got the shot from different people, but for the past nearly ten years I’ve got my shot from the same nurse. I don’t feel the needle, don’t feel anything afterwards. It’s as if nothing happened.

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For me it varies every year. Sometimes it hurts like hell and lingers on for a few days, sometimes doesn’t hurt at all but several hours later I feel soreness in my arms. Many years ago, I even had an reaction and it swelled up and turn in to a massive red patch. But every year I do feel some pain if not during the injection, several hours after.

I think it also varies by vaccine batch too, I remember my GP commenting when he was giving me the shot this batch seemed okay.

My husband and I both got the “stronger dose” flu shot recommended for older people or people who are at risk. Sadly, we fit both definitions! :stuck_out_tongue: I had a sore arm about two hours later, and the stiffness and pain lasted for two days. My husband got the same injection right after me (we actually were in the room together) and had no pain at all. The pain occurs not with the potency of the injection but rather with were the injection is placed. This year, the NP got me squarely in the muscle. The injection itself did not hurt, but I sure felt it afterward! My husband’s injection was a little bit lower on his arm, a bit away from the full muscle, and he had nothing. Don’t worry. I am sure that you received the full dose of the injection. The person who administered it to you just did not get as near to your muscle as has happened in the past. I am happy that you received your injection.

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There are also different manufacturers who put different base ingredients into their shots. So one might have an ingredient another does not. You could be reacting differently from that too. If you know the brand name you can look up the ingredients.

Needless to say everyone reacts differently to the same stimuli.

One only needs to look as far as the adhesive used on G6 and Libre CGM’s. Most have minimal or no reaction while others have significant allergic reactions.

No two people have identical immune systems

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I have never had any reaction to the “flu shot” other than a tiny bit of soreness for 24 hours or so. It also seems like I get the flu, even though I get the “shot.”