Pfizer vaccine

Hi :slight_smile:
Getting my first covid vaccine today and I’m so. scared. Not of the actual needle of course but side effects etc. please reassure me :grimacing:

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You will likely have no side effects
Your arm will be sore like any vaccine
You might be tired for a day or 2
Even the most severe reactions are quite mild.
You are better off getting it, than taking a risk of getting sick.
My mother got a positive covid test, but had no symptoms at all, she was vaccinated in March


@Amelia3 I feel for you! I was scared too because I have so many allergies to drugs, I really wasn’t sure how I was going to react. But I looked at it this way. The possible chance of a problem with the vaccine was way better than if I ended up with covid without a vaccine. That’s what it really boils down to in my view, is getting covid without a vaccine could be so much worse and there is a much higher risk of that, especially now.

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Congratulations on getting the vaccination despite your fears! I agree with @Marie20 and @Timothy that receiving the vaccine is much less risky than getting Covid. You will feel much better about this issue once you are fully vaccinated. Get that second shot, too!


What Marie20 said! Plus, the side effects are truly not a big deal…my arm was super sore after each shot for a day…nothing I couldn’t handle. The first time I took tylenol and went back to work. The second time I was a bit tired, too, but still no biggie.

Covid, on the other hand, is definitely a biggie…and if, heaven forbid you died, or got long-haul Covid, your entire life could be ruined. It was a no-brainer for me…get the shot!

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If I were to generalize, it might depend on your age and gender. Younger people more often than older have systemic responses, lethargy, fever, loss of appetite, chills, etc, but even those side effects are generally trivial. Older people tend to have less of a severe response, other than the usual sore arm.

In truth, there is little to be afraid of, and even though serious side-effects are very rare, one should be aware of them, often in younger people, when their body over-responds.

Possible Side Effects After Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine | CDC

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Pfizer shots

  • Myself

  • Wife

  • Mother in law

  • Father in law

  • Dad

  • Mom

  • Brother in law 1

  • Brother in law 2

  • Sister in law 1

  • Sister in law 2 (Got J&J shot)

We all got Pfizer back in April only symptoms in our group was soreness at injection site for a day and for some a little tired the next day.


Yes, anecdotally, that seems to be true, that Pfizer seems to have fewer side effects.

According to this article Does one vaccine cause more side effects than the other?, about 3.8% of Pfizers clinical trial participants experienced fatigue as a side effect and 2% got a headache., and it is about twice that for Moderna, but even then, the side effects might be more common in younger people.

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Trust me. You dont want covid. I am vaccinated now, but had covid when I wasnt. Its been 9 months and I still have life changing “long haul” aftereffects that I wouldnt wish on anyone. Just get the vaccine.


I had a sore arm, some fatigue, and a rather intense headache after my first Pfizer shot. After the second shot, all I had was a sore arm. More than worth it, I think.


Your gonna be fine. Pfizer is a great choice. Good work! Not a moment too soon. Exercise caution until its fully effective. Things are heating up.


Thanks to everyone for your replies :grinning:
Had my dose here in Australia about 26 hours ago now.
No major side effects so far. Sore arm and feel a bit achy but all very mild.


Good. In 21 days you get the next dose. Then after 14 days you will have the full protection. I ama lh with covid pneumonia at the very beginning and my father in January, his health is destroyed. You don’t want to get covid.

My side effects from pfizer were mild compared to flu shots and nothing compared to covid pneumonia. I took tylenol for 2-3 days.


All that stuff about side effects is a big fat lie. After the 2nd shot I felt tired just like right befor you get a cold. One day with that feeling is SO MUCH safer than getting COVID 19, especially as a diabetic. The feeling after the 2nd shot that I didn’t have to be afraid of getting the virus anymore was so exciting. People with Diabetes need to get all their vaccines because any viral or bacterial infection can cause mayhem in blood sugar.


After the EU announced it was going to rely on the mRNA vaccines and not the Astra Zeneca anymore, Pfizer and Moderna raised it’s price.

The cost of the vaccine and raising the price is at least half way down in the article.

Two things, and not justifying the action:

  1. From the Financial Times article cited:

The price of a Moderna jab was $25.50 a dose, the contracts show, up from what people familiar with the matter said was about €19 ($22.60) in the first procurement deal but lower than a previously agreed $28.50 because the order had grown, according to one official close to the negotiations.

  1. They are for-profit companies, and like most other capitalistic entities, they raised prices when they could. Now, if one wanted to discuss a better system, that is one thing, but they are simply emblematic of the mediocre medical system we have. Even then, no one is complaining about the price, unlike the people from the Epipen fiasco.

@JamesIgoe They are a private company and can make a profit. And they are making a record profit this year because of the vaccines. Yes they can raise their price as the demand is there.

I believe private companies should make profits, but we all know Big Pharma is out of control and they are making a huge profit already this year. Nothing is stopping them from raising their prices. But it sort of feels like when there is a hurricane and people raise prices because they can and it’s not allowed because at that point they are taking advantage of a crisis.

Hooray for you for getting vaccinated!! Hope it went easy!

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I’ve been T1d for 48 years and got my first Covid shot in March, second in June. Other than a bit of a sore arm, no reaction. I hate to think of the alternative. There isn’t any logical choice

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You should be aware that some people (including me) have to be careful of going low for the first 24 to 36 hours after getting the Pfizer vaccine. It happened to me on both my first and my second shot.

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