Swine Flu Jab

After weeks of worrying about do I have the swine flu jab or not my daughter and I visited the doctors surgery yesterday and had our flu jabs both being diabetic and having other unerlying things, my arm ached for 6 hours but seems to have settled down now no swelling no pain is that a good sign or not you here a lot of tales about the injection. So in the past 3 weeks we have had the seasonal flu jab and the swine flu jab what next, after all that worrying for a worryier I am all seems ok or am I testing fate no I knew it would be ok all the time (lier)

Nice to be able to post a blog entry no idea if anyone will ever read it but who cares got it of my chest.

My big toe seems to be on the mend nurse tells me it it doing great pity the rest of my body is slowly falling apart but I guess 62 years will do that especially not looking after one’s self until it was far too late, mom always told me you make youe own bed so sleep in it,my spelling is awful that is what a secondary modern education did for me in the early 60’s who do I thank for that.

Somebody does read your blogs Raymond… I really do hope and pray you will feel better soon =) Heck with spelling! (Im an awful speller myself LOL) We are reading you loud and clear =)

I always sit on the fence as far as any Flu shot. Your achy arm is a normal symptom of a flu shot.

Why did you post a picture of a Man’s insole? That’s a simple but somewhat interesting conversation piece photo that a photographer might take.

Good to hear that your toe is doing Better. Watch those tootsies.

Your spelling is pretty Good actually. :slight_smile:

Rayond, be thankful, at least you have the shots available for your choice of taking them or not. We don’t even have them available for high risk patients yet.
I figure that if I take it, and don’t get the flu, I have done another good thing for my body. If I take it and get sick, well, that’s another story. I don’t think this is hype by the press or the gov’t. I think it is real, I have friends who have had it, and wish they would have gone the vaccine way instead.

But it is a personal choice…one I am glad that you made.