Flying Abroad

Yes, it is me again!!!

Inspite of current events, I am planning on taking a trip overseas for the first time since I was diagnosed.

  1. What do I need in able to take my injectables and medicines pass security? Can the airline put my injectables in cool storage or should I bring that with me?

  2. Do I need to let the airline know I am diabetic so they may special foods etc for me. I like special treatment! :slight_smile:

  3. What do I need from doctor?

  4. Besides knowing where the nearest American Embassy is located, what are some traveling tips that every diabetic should know when traveling overseas

  5. Any extra tidbits for a traveler?

I use the Frio Wallet for cool storage of my insulins and injectables. I have also used a 2 week travel organizer with frozen gel packs. Have had no problems with either with security. Never check you insulins, or injectables in your checked luggage, it is apt to freeze.

For airline food - it is my understanding that you need to tell them about any special diets at the time of your booking, or pior to flying. If there is no difference in the food they serve, you may have to pick and choose fromt he tray. Also, if timing of your meal is important, let the flight attendant know. You are unlikely to get any special foods, you will have to decide what you can eat based on your diet and insulin.

From your doctor - a note describing the supplies you need to carry. Also copies of your prescriptions in case you need anything. Keep in mind, overseas, much of the insulin they use is U40 - US is U100. So if by chance you need an insulin supply from overseas, make sure you are using the proper syringes for the concentration of insulin you are using.

As for suplies - you need to carry at least as twice as much as you think you will need - twice the insulin, lancets, strips, needles/suringes, etc. I pack them on our carry ons - and try to split the supplies if I am not traveling by myself. THat way if one bag gets misplaced, I still have supplies. If you are using insulin, you will have to get into their time zone with regards to dosing and eating, this can be tough.

If you are using insulin or meds that can cause hypos, always have fast acting carbs with you on your person. When you travel, and are walking more, burning more energy, you are apt to get hypos.

Here is the information web page from the ADA - very helpful.

I always carry as much as my own food as is allowed ( protein bars, nuts, etc). Even if you request a diabetic meal, it will not necessarily be safe for a diabetic. We just took a trip to Argentina and the 10 1/2 flight from Houston to Bueonos Aires had 2 meals, neither diabetic friendly. I just pick through them and eat the protein and vegetables or salad. Coming back from Argentina they did not allow any water bottles , even the ones bought in security area. So carry an empty bottle with you and have flight attendants fill it on board so you can take meds if you have to. As said above carry prescriptions for all meds and supplies and your own cooling source for supplies. I never check meds or supplies. I always carry them with me.