Flying with an Omnipod system

Does any have experience flying with a pump system?
We flew once already while on shots. That was all OK packing all we needed.

Now I am concerned about the x ray screening the extra pumps the PDM controller and the pump on the body.

Any advice??

I’ve flown many times since going on the OmniPod and have never had a problem. The pods and PDM can go through the x-ray screening with no troubles and the active pod on my body never caused any concerns.

Because of scheduling/maintenance problems, I once was rebooked on another airline within two hours of the flight time. That triggered an extra security screening. Before the agent patted me down, I explained that I used an insulin pump and showed her where the pod was on my body. No problems.

I always keep a letter from my diabetes educator in my PDM case. No one has asked for it, but I have it if I’m ever asked to prove that I have a prescription for my pump, syringes, etc.

thank-you!! We go to the airport in 1.5 hours

Have a great trip!

I don’t have a pod, but I have never had a problem traveling with all my pump supplies. I never needed to show proof or anything.

Have a good, safe trip! Let us know how it goes with security.