Flying with the OmniPod

In a few weeks, I will be taking my first flight while using the OmniPod. Is there anything special I should be aware of for the trip. For example, will the change in cabin pressure cause too much/little insulin to be delivered? I know that going through security, you should declare that you are wearing the pump (as I've already flown several times while wearing my CGM).


We just flew out of the country and had no issues at all with OmniPod. Numbers were good on flights and no issues with security except that apparently the box of pods we brought look like bullets on the monitor so they had to open up the bag to check it out. Other than that my son sailed through security with his pod. No issues at all. Have a good trip!

I read a while back about a common scenario…Baggage Claim Low. It occured to me that I have stood around eating candy while waiting for my luggage many times. As you say, pressure changes during descent. I also remember reading that a member was scolded by a flight attendent for not stowing electronic devices when instructed. That seems easily dealt with. Enjoy your trip.

Nick, I flew to and from Germany this summer and had no issues at all! Safe travels and happy holidays!

Airport security appreciates if you let them know you are wearing a pod. They may ask you to touch your pod and then swab your hands, it takes two minutes and its usually not an issue. regarding the flight itself I have not experienced any change in insulin delivery.

I've never had issues traveling. I usually keep the pod on my upper body and not on my legs when traveling. It just makes it easier to touch it when they ask you to do the hand swipe for explosives.

One thing I never do is check pods and bring at least twice as many pods as I think I'll need. I had one short trip where I checked my spare pods, and had 3 or 4 failures in that 3 day trip. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, or if it was even the pods in the checked luggage that caused the failures, but since I always carry the pods now, I haven't had the issue again.

I used to tell security before I stepped through the scanners but now I don't say anything. Once I get through the full body I'll say something to the person if they're obviously waiting for me on the other side. The last time they never said a word. If you go through the regular scan I don't say anything and they never know.

I agree with above. Never, ever check any of your medications. It's only been closely checked once and I've traveled a fair amount. I put all my meds and extra pods (always twice as many as I think I'll need...and then a few more! :) of them in a large clear zip lock in my carry on.

Pressure changes don’t have any significant effect on omnipod function. Being stuck in an aircraft for up to half a day, and having to deal with airport checkins, baggage retrieval, immigration authorities and so on does have an effect on blood sugar though, but that’s not Omnipod specific.

Keep the PDM hidden during take off and landing. Deal with time changes in whatever way you want - I normally change the time during the flight, but sometimes ignore it until the end. It doesn’t matter much but if you have a high morning basal like me you can find it being delivered at an unexpected time.