Focus group near Boston, MA. Pays $150

If you live near the Boston area and meet any of the criteria below, consider participating in this market research focus group.


  • Focus groups are being conducted in Framingham, MA (18 miles west of
    Boston, MA) on December 7,8, and 9
  • Qualifying individuals will receive a $150 honorarium for
    participating in a 2-hour focus group
  • Recruiting individuals age 20-50 with T1D or T2D
  • Purpose of the groups is to get participants’ input on insulin pumps

If you are interested and would like to see if you qualify, please contact


Adults with Type 1 diabetes - insulin pump users

  • Age 20-50
  • Currently use an insulin pump regularly to deliver insulin

Adults with Type 1 diabetes - MDI users

  • Age 20-50
  • Currently use multiple daily injections to deliver insulin
  • Open to considering regular use of a pump
  • Open to all brands of pumps

Adults with Type 2 diabetes

  • Age 20-50
  • Require insulin on a daily basis
  • Administer insulin through any form (MDI, pens, insulin pumps)
  • If not a pump user, open to considering ones and open to all brands
    of pumps

That’s not far from Insulet’s (Omnipod) headquarters. Coincidence?

Insulet is in Billerica Ma along with Neighborhood Diabetes (their DME subsidary) (They moved their offices and call centers there) Supposedly the Neighborhood Diabetes Pharmacy still is in Woburn, MA at their old location…