Food Combining Fact or Fiction?

Good day everyone, I am here to ask if anyone uses food combining to manage their diabetes. I ask because I was recently in a DPP class and one of the topics was food combining. I’d heard of this before and I’ve not gotten on board because it seems like a lot of trouble than it’s worth especially since I am a truck driver and my access to food is somewhat limited. I can do healthy quite well but the combinations would be overwhelming and not a good use of my time. BUT if anyone can provide me with any information based on their experience please let me know. I am willing to try to adopt but I right now I just don’t see the need. I am also somewhat disillusioned that the DPP program at my local hospital presents this information. I know it’s just information and I don’t have to act on it but it would be good to at least understand it’s role versus eating styles that follow MyPlate or at least present eating that is based on healthy choices that result in healthy lab values.

I am particularly still trying to work on getting my weight down another 80 pounds and I am thinking I need to pay more attention to portion control, exercise, stress control and incorporating mindfulness and meditation into my life. I am on the internet so I can find a copy of the Serenity Prayer so I can tape it to the refrigerator on my truck.

Just to come clean I am not diabetic but prediabetic and want to not get my weight down but I want to get my A1c down as well. So I am unable to measure my blood sugars and only have my weight and A1c a markers of my progress.

I know all of you are likely busy fighting your own diabetes battles but if you have time to respond it would be very much appreciated. Lastly if this has been discussed before sorry to bring it up again. I tried to find any references on the forum but was unable to do so.

Why are you unable to measure blood sugars? There are low cost accurate meters and strips such as Relion at Walmart. Doing blood sugar checks after meals and recording foods/portion size will help you make better choices toward lower bgs. Checking bg along with changing your diet/portion control + exercise would likely get more visible markers of your progress.

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As a person with diabetes, I find that balancing complex carbohydrates (whole grain bread, pasta, etc) with minimally processed protein and low but not no fat diet, PLUS exercise after meals, reduces my insulin needs and improves my time in range.

OK. I suspect that is what I need to do as well to get my weight down the last 80 lbs I need to lose. I think I need to work on portion control, eliminating the junk food my husband brings on the truck and exercise at least 150 mins per week.

Thank you so much for responding.

Since I have not been diagnosed with T2 yet I have no idea what to use to compare my bg values to. I could keep a chart and measure how different foods/meals/portions affect the values but I’m not sure if this is the best approach.

Also had no clue there were such item available to do this. I’d floated measuring my bg past my PCP last year (she’s an internist) but she shot me down for the Sam reason.

If I could figure out a good way to do this and it’s affordable I would definitely welcome it. As it stands on my next trip home I will bring a scale to track my weight as well as a food scale. DPP also supplies a MyPlate dish. I am also thinking for afternoon and morning mead I should prepare the night before so I can better Tracy what and how much I’m eating. Behavior modification??

Will check out the device you mentioned as well as research the topic a bit more.

Thanks so much for replying

You can buy a Blood Glucose Meter at any drugstore. Walmart has the Relion brand fairly cheap and test strips are cheap too. No prescription needed in the US. Usually if I remember correctly they will have an insert that gives you guidance on what numbers you should be aiming for. There are several options in Blood Glucose Meters, but you don’t need anything fancy to start.

It’s best for at least a few days to test first thing in the AM to get a fasting number. Before you eat, and 2 hours after you eat to see if you fall back to normal ranges. A test right before bedtime is helpful to know what your Bg level is before bedtime. Testing before and 2 hours after meals will also give you an idea on what foods and how much you eat affects your BG levels.

I suspect your A1c is a little high and they think weight loss might solve the issue. But once you have an issue it’s best to stay on top of it. Even when you go back to normal going back to the same habits it can easily return. So it will be something you want to keep an eye on. So it would be a good idea to get yourself a blood glucose meter.

You should also ask for a copy of the tests so you can track how you are doing yourself. Doctors have different opinions on what is okay to them.

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There is a way of eating referred to as “eat to your meter” this means you check your BG before a meal and 2 hours after a meal. If your BG is over 140 2 hours after a meal then that food is not ok to eat without taking extra steps to ensure your BG drops to under 140.

A non-diabetic will start a meal off with a BG under 100 and will drop down very quickly back to that starting point. If you can start a meal under 100 and get back under 140 2 hours after a meal then you are a very well controlled diabetic/pre-diabetic.

I’m not familiar with myPlate, so I looked it up.
Found this article that suggests an alternative, specific to diabetes. Article is from 2015.

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My highest A1c has been 6.2 and the lowest 5.7. But I’ve not been able to maintain that 5.7 or get lower. I’ve stalled out on weight loss and I need to figure out what I am doing wrong. I know in my frustration I eat portion sizes and foods best left alone but I need a solution. I like the idea of being able to target things with the bg meter so thanks for letting me know it wasn’t a goofy idea just needs a somewhat different approach for me.

I’m headed home for a week so I can get some cooking done for my truck as well as a few other things that may help. Will be nice to have a break from the truck.

Thanks for responding to my questions.

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I had no idea. This was the type of info I needed from my PCP. Thanks for this. This helps a lot.

It is very easy to return to old habits. I am struggling with that a bit as well.

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