Okay, okay, okay

Okay. So I’ve doing the diet. Doing the exercise. Taking the pills and injecting the insulin. I’ve been doing everything like I am supposed to. Yet my A1C went up to 12.0. Should I worry? Duh. What is happening? I don’t know. I’ll have to take control of my life: I have to take it back from Mr. D. (for those who don’t know Mr. D{iabetes} is my arch-nemesis). You may have won this test Mr. D., but I will rule my life. Those numbers will come down! Never give up, never surrender!


P.S. Quoting Lord of the Rings, "You shall not pass!".

Glad you are so postive. But sir , I did not read you indicating that you were testing your blood glucose regularly…Are you able to get an adequate number of strips so you can see for yourself how your sugars are doing on a 4 times daily level? ( minumum for diabetics on insulin);. If you test frequently enough , your a1c will not come as a surprise. Just a suggestion: Maybe you need to TEST more

God Bess,

Thanks! I do test three times a day before every meal due to the sliding scale for my fast acting insulin. Due to other non-diabetic related complications I have been unable to control my glucose levels during the last four months. Hopefully, as everything comes back to order, they will too.

If you get a chance, read the book USING iNSULIN, and THINK LIKE A PANCREAS. It is in most large city libraries and can be ordered very cheaply as a used version, on AMAZON. You will find that before AND 1 to 2 hour after meal testing is recommended by most people( diabetes specialists) who advocate tighter control. Do you have access to enough strips to do that? Does your doctor/endocrinologist/other specialists have suggestions for your improving control while going through treatments for the other challenges, or are higher blood sugars a direct result of these treatments? Please make sure you ask all these questions at your next visits.
Both books I noted hav sections on insulion treatment and illness… I think Using Insulin may even have questions you can ask your health care providers, a an insulin dspendent diabetic…And do ask if 'sliding scale" is the onky way to treat your diabetes…I am not a doctor, but "sliding scale " is a bit “old-school” and not as accurate as counting carbs, in my honest opinion. But do dicuss this with your health care team…/

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Sol you take a long acting Insulin every day and a fast acting Insulin before every meal?

I don’t know why I sad ‘sol’ I meant so.

Thanks for your comments. I measure my glucose levels three times a day before each of the “big meals” and inject fast acting insulin as well as slow acting in the morning and night + metphormin. i have another medical issue i am solving and in the time my glucose levels are out of control. i do everything by the book but the doctors don’t expect things to “calm down” until i finish this issue. until then, everyday day is battle with mr. d.

ps yes higher sugar levels are the result of the other treatment. but now they docs cut the treatment by half and in three days my glucose levels went down about 125 points. hopefully by the end on the month ill be fine. im still high but i am much better. i actually feel better.