Food directory

Hi everyone

As I wait patiently to hear from my insurance company, I wanted to know what foods are in the directory on the meter? I am trying to get a sense of what features looks like and what it says on the pump as the website doesnt show captions of the food directory, etc. I've been keeping a food list and the serving size and carb amt but again I am curious.

Amy, foods are “the top 500 from Calorie King” Take your “food list” and make 8-12 character names for each, name the serving size and then the carb count. For example, I eat the same thing at Perkins so I have “PRKNS USUL”, “1 EA”, and 39 carbs. I took the baby food category out of the system.

The meter itself has 500 but when you put the EZ Manager software on your computer, there are more foods listed there. You can also add other foods. For instance, their general yogurt might say 25 grams of carbs and if your yogurt has 20, you would want to put your yogurt in. They also only had Jif and Skippy peanut butter in their database but I use Peter Pan so added that in. You transfer an updated food list to your remote. You can basically have what you want as long as it does not exceed 500. Any foods you add will be in the master food base on your computer so you can take them off and add them back as you want.

Thanks Jay!!! I’ll remember to take out baby food as I dont eat that stuff.

I am glad I can take out the ones that I do not even touch. I dont want a list of unnecessary foods that is taking up space. .

How do you delete items from the list?

You can delete the food items thru the EZ Manager software then transfer the changes over to the remote. Unfortunately, you can’t delete them directly from the remote.