Food for Thought - Begin with Life

Food for Thought - “BEGIN WITH LIFE”

There are so many topics that need to be addressed in today’s climatic world, but where to begin?

So many of us legitimately worry about the things in our world, our lives and those of our loved ones; that we rarely take the time to pause for a moment, take a deep breath and look around. We may all come from different circumstances and face different challenges, but we all are given this short adventure called “Life”.

As I speak with those that have lived long lives and seen many things, regardless of their financial security, their station in life or their health; a common thread emerges – don’t miss life! It’s ok to worry, but don’t let it paralyze you; it’s ok to be sick, but don’t let it define you; it’s ok to be sad, but don’t let it destroy you. We all have something to offer each other and the world we live in, it would be a shame not to share the gift that is you.

So as we approach the holidays and a new year emerges, please take a moment to stop, look around and enjoy the gifts in your life and evaluate things that you may wish to address, and then address them. Don’t let fear stand in you way….ITS YOUR LIFE, LIVE IT.

If this has found you in a time of worry, my wish for you is that it has caused you to stop and take a deep breath, look around and be inspired – for yesterday may have been great but tomorrow is still an adventure waiting to be written.

May God bless you in all that you put your hands and heart too.


Such a lovely post.

Beautifully said!

couldn’t have put it better myself.