Food is Art. Not just numbers... Share your masterpieces

Living with diabetes every single second of every single day at times completely dismantles the joy, creativity and simple beauty in food I usually find. I am a food person. I love shopping for it, chopping it, slicing it, cooking it, presenting it and Especially eating it!
There are days the number pressure, the counting, the accounting for everyone at the table, choosing the dining spot and cautiously studying the menu as if dinner were the bar exam, sends me into a “foodie funk”.
I took some photos of brunch this past weekend, watching it being prepared, plated and presented inspired and reminded me of the beauty and power food can provide us with as well as the emotional and physical impacts. Yesterday I had the chance to brainstorm with our next TuDiabetes Talks guest, diabetes artist Justus Harris, he too has fallen in love with the beauty of food. Here is a photo of eggs from my Sunday brunch and some of Justus’ beautiful pieces…
Please share your food inspirations that go beyond the numbers.

Hugs and Art,

Le Desert Justus Harris

Brunchin Eggs

Color Justus Harris


Well, at least you didn’t mention “those” bars. :astonished:


And what kind of unthinkable evil did I do in a previous life to deserve being tortured by these mouthwateringly bolus-worthy images*?!?!?

Oh, the humanity…

*All except for the egg pic. Eggs that are not scrambled beyond recognition and cooked until dry gag me raw.

Great picture, but diabetes does not limit my enjoyment of food, not all foods but I enjoy my food )

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All kidding aside, Cynthia, your words and thoughts on food are as beautiful as the pics. Thank you!

As far as sharing my food “inspirations”… just want to say that converting to a LCHF (averaging under 40 grams per day and eating only “healthy fats”) has not turned out to be the buzz-kill death sentence I feared it would be. The food I now make looks better and tastes better than the crap I used to eat, I’m losing a minimum of one pound per week, and I actually feel healthier.


All kidding aside, don’t we all try to make food beautiful?
There is no reason it should not be beautiful
Food is not the enemy, but it is nourishment to be enjoyed
Brunch at a restaurant , a challenge to be shared with friends,


Hi! It definitely doesn’t limit my enjoyment either!! I think it might even have the opposite effect… It allows me to pay attention to how every food impacts my body, mind and health. Chocolate and cheesecake especially!

The intention of my post was just from the lens of being tired out from thinking about food today! I didn’t want to cook, shop, order in, take out or go out! My amazing discussion with Justus about food today ask had impact on my food mindset.

Thanks for the photo and food comment @Fraser70

Hmmmmm…? Whatever could you be speaking of…

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I just fall on my food and inhale it, no time to take photos!
Just sat outside a winery near home and shared a cheese platter with a friend, coffee. Did not do a wine tasting, would still be asleep if I had done that. The sunshine, food and coffee were superb (still winter here). Too busy eating and talking. We had imported French breads, imported soft, salt washed cheeses, apple, quince paste and lavosh. Deliciousl.


What is lavosh? It sounds quite tasty. :yum:

Oh…it’s yummy alright!!!


Sorry sometimes I forget that as aT2 not on meds (I can’t correct) and on LCHF., my food planning has become much simpler and enjoyable. Cheesecake would not be an option. :wink: At reasturants I count up to 20 carbs (or less) and stop.
One down side is that when I was visiting long time friends on the east coast, it seemed all they did was eat. Just after breakfast, we had to decide on lunch
Then after lunch what is for dinner. This week my sister is visiting for 5 days,
And her last question is I can’t wait to see where we are going for dinner!
unfortunately she needs to lose weight, not eat more. She is not a t2!
I live in San Francisco no shortage of good reasturants that are carb friendly.


I don’t believe in either of the following:

“Eat to live.”
“Live to eat.”

I feel very fortunate to have found a healthy and tasty middle ground. :grinning:

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I belong to a smoking meat forum where they say if there’s no pictures it didn’t happen, so I have lots of pictures.:yum:

Tri Tip

Stuffed Pork Loin.

Pork Butt before pulling.

And after


For those who don’t know, BadMoon is TuD’s local smoking guru, from 'way back. Boy does that stuff look yummy. :wink:

I can imagine exactly how that Tri Tip tastes; there’s a (fairly) local restaurant that does a real nice one.

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I used a technique called reverse sear. You put it on at low temp in the smoker until it is just below your desired finished temp. Then put on a hot grill and sear each side which adds some char and grill marks. Adds more smoke flavor and retains the moisture. Using this technique a tri tip takes about an hour ±

There’s a local BBQ truck (not the place referred to above) that does a real nice smoking job on several things, brisket among them. They serve the brisket philly cheesesteak style. Marvelous.

Brisket is hard to get right, I’m never quit satisfied with mine.

Philly cheesesteak/brisket sounds good although since I’m LCHF I’d have to figure out a bread substitute. Hm…

Well, these guys do do it for a living.

I too am LCHF, but I DO make the odd exception when it’s sufficiently bolus-worthy. And these are.


A while back I had this randomly conceived reduction of olive oil, shallots, red wine, persimmon, thyme, oregano and star anise – super delicious and we drizzled it on just about everything for a day or two.