Food Menu for Omnipod

Any thoughts on this from the omni users? Does it help?

Could you elaborate? I don’t really understand your question – especially how menu relates to the OmniPod specifically.

As in the food menu option on the PDM? I think it’s a good idea to put in the food you often eat but I think its a pain to type in the food because you have to scroll.

I’m not an OmniPod user, but I had this option on my last pump (Cozmo) and I rarely used it as I am so used to carb counting that I found it faster to add things up myself. (On Cozmo the menu was pre-loaded with some common foods and you could add more.)

The times that I did use it was when I was in a restaurant and something came on my plate that I didn’t normally eat and then I could look up the carb count.

So I was glad to have it, but didn’t use it very often.