OmniPod System

If you are a “pumper”, you should consider this system. There is no tube and the “Pod” is totally self-contained. The cannula is inserted automatically and you cannot even feel it being inserted.

The PDM ,as the saying goes, is “The Bomb”. Rather than having settings buried so deeply that the user can’t find them without a book, the PDM is very user friendly, has a great display, and it actually fun to use. There is a database of common foods and you can even add your own.

I can’t say how great it feels to sleep at night without a pump belt or a pump in bed with you that you roll over on all night.

If you can, you gotta get this system. Email me if you have any questions.

I have had my OmniPod for over two years, and love it! As with any type of equipment, there have been some snags along the way, but nontheless, I recommend it to my friends who are still on a traditional insulin pump with tubing!

I just ordered this system and am anxiously waiting for the first shipment to get here. It’s good to hear positive reviews from others about it. Thanks!

I love my pod too, been on it for a little over a year!!!

My son got his a week ago. So far so good. A couple of questions I have in this regard. How do you check how much insulin you’ve consumed since the last change or how many units are left at any given time? This is a very vital piece of info that you need to plan, but seems to be missing from the menu.

I have been on the ‘pod’ since late May 2009…super and I would highly recommend this to anyone considering an insulin pump. I wear mine on the back of my arms.

I believe the only way is to manually add using the All History function under My Records.

I love my pod as well. The PDM does not “meter” your insulin until you get below 50 units. Until then you have to go into your history and add up daily uses. I wish it were different. But you can’t have everything…where would you put it.

Not to be too dense here but . . . please explain why the amount of insulin used or left is vital. I’m not doubting you. I figure that I’m about to learn something. :slight_smile:

I’ve never wanted more info than the number of units left after the pod gets down to 50.

We’ve been using the system for about 10 days now. Have some practical questions.

What is the sequence of changing the POD? For instance, can you fill the POD 1st (may be, 1 or 2 hrs before), and then deactivate the old Pod and reactivate the new one? The reason being, my son goes to school and it is not always possible to do everything at the same time.

My preferred way will be to stick the new Pod hours before the old one ends, and then simple activate by pressing a button. This apparently is not possible as per OmniPod.

The idea is to calculate how many units to fill. It is important for those who consume less than 200 per change, like my son. Minimed, for instance, will tell you how many units were loaded, how many used, and how many left since the start of the new reservoir.

The daily totals don’t help much as you change the Pod in the middle of a day.

I called OmniPod to make a suggestion, and that was, give us 12 hrs of grace period (as opposed to 8). For those who consume less than 200 units / change like most of kids, this will be such a blessing as you can change at a fix time every week (Say, Sun 9:00 AM, Wed 9:00 PM - every week). Right now, with 8 hrs of grace period, it is really hard to plan the changes. Of course, you may ask why worry about those 8 hrs? Well, when things are so expensive, you want every minute of it.

That’s correct, you cannot do this. The Pod will fail after a certain amount of time, I’m not sure how long, but at most a couple/few hours. I tried to “prep” a Pod once to have as backup just in case for a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa’s, but it beeped repeatedly as a reminder to activate and ultimately failed.

When we first started (over 2 years ago), we were told by an Insulet rep that new Pods would have a 12 hour grace period. That has never happened, but perhaps the new release that we keep hearing about will have it.

I hope they do as it is not as much about getting extra 4 hrs, but the convenience that will help create a fixed routine. We are trying to stick to 8:00 AM, 4:00 PM, and Midnight schedule as much as possible.

We always end up wasting 20 - 30 units of insulin. A little bit of info like “exactly” how much was filled in can help cut down this wastage. The PDM obviously has this info (after priming). We just don’t get to see it - a software choice, I guess.

You can let the pod run up to 8 hours past the change time if that helps.