Food you can 'get away with'

Im an early type 1 so things, bolusing/basal wise are pretty easy at this stage (exercise factors aside). As an example i bolus for breakfast, lunch and dinner but can get away with snacks in between. Are others like this? For example i can have an apple and protein shake and it wont spike me hardly at all. Similar those low sugar/fat yoghurts (10gms carbs, 8gm sugar for the whole tub) do nil for my bsugar. Is this sort of thing very individualised or is it most likely when my pancreas totally gives out, i might have to bolus for snacks aswell? Anyone hit the needle for breakfast, mid morn snack, lunch, mid arvo snack and dinner? Im just curious as to what foods you can get away with or do you find that you have to jab/pump for just about everything? I saw the thread on 'bolusing for cheese' and whilst i dont eat alot of cheese, i wouldnt have to bolus for it (unless i go nuts). Is this individual make up or honeymoon factors? Thanks :)

I bolus for everything. Sometimes it works!

Most probably it's your honeymoon phase. And, yes, it will probably change in the future that you will need to bolus for snacks. Those who don't bolus for snacks usually have their basal too high.

It sounds like you are still honeymooning. If I eat a 5-10g snack (starting at a normal blood sugar) and don't do a bolus I will go high. The only time I eat without a bolus is when I am low or before exercise.

Dry Red Wine. Seems the perfect combination, the alcohol causes a slight drop to just offset the few residual carbs.

ps. Actually, there are quite a few "goto" snacks that I find that work, but they are all low carb, primarily fat and protein. I could never eat a carby snack like apples or store bought yogurt and not have to bolus (altho I do make my own yogurt)

ps. And I admit I will often "overbolus" at meals so I can be at 80 mg/dl 2 hrs afer dinner and a snack is "mandatory."

One string cheese, a spoonful of good chunky peanut butter, a couple of slices of pepper or celery. Those are my 'free' foods IF I keep it very moderate. I don't have to bolus for coffee with a very tiny dollup of heavy cream, but maybe that's because I drink it all day so it's built into my basal ;)

I think that you can also run with a "setup" that will be a bit "hot" in that you have a whiff of extra insulin around, that will process a few stray carbs here and there? I do this all the time and see lows cropping up or jelly beans being eaten and turn the insulin down. I usually prefer to bolus, even if it's only for 5 or 7G of carbs. I don't recall bolusing for a 1G piece of cheese though?

I can eat some things without bolusing before moderate activity. However, even though my I:C ratio is 1:15, I still have to bolus for any snack that has carbs. Cheese and nuts are my only exception (and even those I'd need to bolus for if I consume them in large quantities).

My experience (and it may differ for others, particularly T1s) is that my basal insulin will gradually "cover" a small measured snack. So if I eat 5g of carbs and my blood sugar rises 10-20 mg/dl, and I don't bolus, I will still drop back down towards my fasting number, it just may take an hour or two or three.