Cheater....Are you!?

Def: Cheater: Someone that eats something and don’t bolus (take insulin) for it.

Confession: I cheat a lot, don’t bolus for fruits and some times even snacks [Snakes!LOL]!?

Just now I tested and my BG was 116, eat a cereal bar(24gm carbs) and didn’t bolus!!! my bad!!

LoL, thanks for sharing Dave…Shhhhhh no one will knows that you where here! ;O)

not me, i take insulin for everything i eat unless it has no carbs or very few. Cant afford for my bg to skyrocket

No, I always bolus for food. If I can’t bolus I don’t eat it.

You eat snakes? i had one on my porch yesterday.

I always thought snakes were low-carb…

yeah, snakes are low carb, but they have a bite to them… :slight_smile:

OH MY LMAO…I fall on the floor laughing!!! LOL

Ya I enjoy Snakes, they are really healthy and worry free…SSS sss SSS

Ya they are hard to find, but snacks are every where! :wink:

That’s good!

Yes indeed the bite is the hardest! :wink:

Did you grill it or sun dried it!! lol

Then there’s after-the-fact bolusing, when I follow up some food with a “chaser” of insulin, as if that will possibly catch up with the glucose peak.

We could remake “Snacks on a Plane.” The hero PWD thwarts bad-guy efforts to contaminate packets of peanuts and withhold diet soda from those who want no carbs and regular soda from those having lows …

I am the worst cheater in the history of cheaters. I hate going low so much that I actually bolus less than what I’m eating at meals, and often don’t bolus snacks.

Bah. Who needs feet.

(((running from screaming endocrinologists))) AHHHHHHHCK!

Depending on my activity level I don’t always bolus for everything either. I drink gatorade on bike rides and that’s easily 20g of sugar that doesn’t get covered. On longer (hour+) rides I’ll have some gel too (Gu, Clif Shots, etc) and I don’t cover it… I rarely run high from it either.

For me, since I’m not pumping now, it’s easier than running high the rest of the day to compensate for the times I’m active… instead I just up my carb intake :slight_smile:

I always bolus for everything I eat. Well, that is not exactly true. I don’t bolus for strawberries (they don’t affect me).

LOL, love the idea…Hollywood here we come ;o)

Strawberries don’t affect your blood sugar?

They’re low on the glycemic index, so you can eat about 8 for 8g of carb (about a cup full). Some people may not react too much to that.

There was a time when I either ate and forgot to bolus or ate and just blind bolused (just threw on a few units haphazardly). We’ll call that time “college.”

I don’t do that anymore. blush I’m a good girl now.