Foot care

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Has any of you ever used a web based service for taking care of your feet?

Have you ever had a foot ulcer? How did it effect the quality of your life?

Please share your valuable experience.

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How does one use a web based service to take care of one's feet? I've never had a foot ulcer but if you are dealing with one I would try to see a real (rather than virtual) doctor immediately. A foot ulcer that gets out of hand can lead to amputation.


Web based foot service????

On the topic of foot ulcers..I had one...refused to heal...spent 7 months going to a wound care center between 1-3 week. We tried everything...finally on Dec 29th, we decided to remove a portion (about 4 cm)of my 5th metatarsal. It was deformed and causing pressure resulting in the ulcer. Very small at first, like pencil eraser size.

Prior to surgery, it was miserable (worse now, but that is a different story), we tried a few different types of shoes, several orthotics, and many adjustment to the orthotics, which finally led us to the realization it was not external pressure, but internal. Constant pain, a few infections, did I mention the pain and discomfort? Difficulty walking...basically a huge quality of life issue.

About 10 days after surgery, I developed a severe MRSA infection, spent 8 days in the hospital, a couple in ICU...faced the very real possibility of losing the entire foot.

Luckily the antibiotics started working. I get to keep the foot for now.

Had an angioplasty to open up an artery in the ankle which is increasing blood flow to the foot. Oh, and have a complication from the Angio, it called a pseudoaneurysm. Yep an aneurysm! Damage to the wall of my femoral artery. It's not too bad, but can/could have be fatal. So now I have to keep an eye on that and pray it does not rupture. Not currently a candidate for surgical intervention now, but that my be necessary in the very near future.

I'm currently on week 3 of an estimated 7 week IV antibiotic regime. I've got a PICC line and I do the IV myself at home. I have a negative pressure wound therapy system (basically a vacuum pump) attached to my foot. I have to go the the wound care center 3x week for to change out the dressings for the next 6-8 weeks. I get blood drawn 2x week to make sure the antibiotic does not poison me and ruin my kidneys or cause other serious side effects. Recurring follow-up with three different doctors, etc.

This all happened despite a top notch, highly recommended, extremely experienced medical team composed of my GP, vascular surgeon, wound care specialists, cardiologist, orthotist & prosthetist, etc.

After everything heals and the wound is closed, I get to learn to walk again...They can't tell me what level of function I'll have but are hopeful it will be 'fairly' normal.


I did not, but I am still in this predicament!

Hi Maurie,
I asked this question as I am preparing a presentation regarding how a web based service might improve the quality of life of a person with a foot ulcer.

I am not sure that there's one quite like the thing that I am proposing.
Let me know your thoughts on this:

1. It educates the people about foot care.. like a video tutorial
2. You can connect to a podiatrist online, esp. if you have problem walking... for first aid.

What might be some problems and advantages/disadvantages?

Hi there,

Wow.. what a moving story! And scary too... I hope it heals soon and you have normal function once again. All the best.

Can you describe in 2-4 sentences, how you "feel" about the foot ulcer issue?