Foot Pain

How do you deal with the pain in your feet? Mine is especailly bad at bedtime. I know it is from nerve damage. But I am at the point where I just want to cut off my feet I can not cope with the pain anymore. Plus I can not let anyone touch or even brush up against me feet without wanting to cry. I have tried slow-mag as my endo suggested but that has not helped and I have also tried every cream under the sun. Anyone have any suggestions?

Yes, Alpha Lipoic Acid-R. Make sure you get the R.
I’ve had the same exact pain and feelings - - all of them, including wanting to cut my feet off just for the relief.
I started taking Alpha Lipic Acid-R and have not had any more symptoms like that at all. I take 600mg in the morning and 600mg in the evening. It will take a while to work I think, and everyone is different, so I hope it works for you. Google it and see what you think! Best of luck and I hope relief is on the way!!!

In addition to the Alpha Lipoic Acid, you can also take a B-complex. Be careful with the B though because too much can cause neuropathy. That one will give you faster relief until the Alpha Lipoic Acid can get in - the ALA will help repair your nerves so you want to make sure you take that also. The B-complex will really help with nerve pain - I used to take that before anyone heard of ALA and it really helped.

I can totally relate to your pain Lianna. Lately I've been experiencing the same type of pain and it's preventing me from sleeping at night. I have moments where I feel like I can't handle the pain and then they seem to pass. I think I've tried it all too but then I read various posts and get new ideas. I wish you well and hope something you've read is helping you find comfort. Please reply if you have found something that works for you so that we might try it also! God Bless, Autumn