For Fun If you need a distraction on a bad day

A Silly Distractive Thought for a Bad Day

I have a long-running soft-spot for your basic kick-butt female detective/spy shows, etc. Goes all the way back to 1974's "Police Woman" with Angie Dickinson. She was the first actress to carry a 1 hour drama-of-any-kind as star. She won TV awards and laid the groundwork for everything from Charlie's Angels and Wonder Woman to Cagney and Lacey.

These days, I keep an eye on Detective Beckett in "Castle" and "Rizzoli and Isles", of course. Also Ziva and Kensi of the NCISes (I think Ziva's replacement is just complex enough to work out. We'll see).

Most recently---JJ and Elle, Emily Prentiss and Blake on "Criminal Minds", as well as Garcia, in her very special kick-butt cyber way, like Abbey on NCIS. This is a show I just discovered. The theme is such that I would never have imagined caring for it. But as any well-conceived show, it is smart and full of compassion in ways I didn't imagineā€¦..

So here is the silly thing to muse on when you need relief from daily troubles:

What the heck is wrong that they ALL have the same impractical hairdo? As do all the supporting women actors. Fluffy, somewhat disheveled females are appealing sexually I guess. Plus the 5" inch heels they need to wear to chase down the bad guys. Huh?!

Two steps forward and 3 back these days!.....Hope this gave you a moment's distraction!...Blessingsā€¦..

Hmm. Have to admit I lean more toward the British detectives. Jane Tennison may be the most interesting TV detective I've ever seen, anywhere.

Oh yes, David. I came to the show late after seeing the amazingness of Helen Mirren in other contexts. I'm just now catching up. Reminds me of that moment when you find a fictional novel series and sink into a delightful stage of immersion!......

Ziva and Kate rock. The replacement? I still want Kate back LOL Thanks for the remembrance. Angie Dickinson, did ahh catch my attention. I was 17 in 1974, how could she not?

Glad you've discovered Prime Suspect, Judith. The industry and critical consensus is that most TV female detective characters owe a debt to Jane Tennison, similar to the way subsequent dancers owe a debt to Astaire and Rogers for paving the way so they could follow.