For my dear kidney disease patient

Some diabetes are Chronic kidney patient.

When you have problem in your kidney.
You must be have a friends to consult this problem.
I am a pharmacist and DM patient too.
I see about suffering from diabetes disease.

Level of CKD
stage 3 have microalbumin
stage 4 Creatinine level more than 1.6 mg/dL.
stage 5(End stage) GFR < 30 L/min

Thanks for your offer of support, Kidney disease runs in my husband’s family although they are not diabetics.

Yes, my mom was type 1 diabetic and passed away form kidney failure. I am glad I was there for her. She was one tough lady. Everybody needs friends and people who love them.

All DM type 1 patient must be use ACEI drug to protect kidney.

Supparak, What are your thoughts about ACEIs for T1 patients with low blood pressure?

ACEI drug is enalapril or ramipril can prevenr progression of kidney disease.

Check blood sugar and blood pressure every to control or slow down the progression of kidney disease.

BP <120/75 mmHG
Fasting <130 mg/dL
Random level <180 mg/dL

In some patient enalapril drug can slower kidney damage rate.