For the ladies - sugaring leg hair removal

Personally, I prefer waxing. It lasts a long time and the hair doesn't grow back with prickly stubble. I have yet to find a good waxing salon within a reasonable (less than two bus transfers) nearby.

There ids a sugaring salon nearby. I guess they use the grains of the sugar grain an emery board effect. My question: Has anyone tried this? And did they have to bolus for it? I figure if medications can be absorbed through patches, maybe the sugar used can have an impact on bg?

Sugaring is a lot like waxing except instead of wax they use warm sugar. I sugar my own legs (when I have the patience) and I’ve never noticed a blood sugar rise. I’d suggest going for it and just testing before and after to see how you react. Better to run a bit high than take insulin for a rise that may not happen.

As far as i know, our skin can not absorb food, and therefore also no sugar. This is also the reason why we have to eat and cant just take a bath in puréed food. also a reason why there isn't any lotion we can use to cure a hypo. so i would not be concerned about blood sugar rises, except if you eat the sugar that is supposed to unhair your legs ;)

Ewww - fuzzy jelly beans! Thanks ladies. I love living in Portland, just about every neighborhood has a "high Street" or business district so you can walk for most errands. Thank you ladies! Your answers all make sense - a lotion to deal with lows would be kinda cool, actually. Reminds me of a new pharmacy manager who didn't want to fill my Rx for syringes - the refill dates for the insulin didn't match the one for syringes. I got snarky and asked if the insulin he filed was the new "topical" insulin. I noticed the other people behind the counter smirking.