Pedicure, yay or nay?

I’m a recently diagnosed adult type 1(probably LADA, then). My blood sugar has responded fairly well to MDI, my A1c was 6.7 at the last check. I have no complications thus far. Is there any major reason why I should not have a pedicure? I would definitely do my research into the place, not just go into whichever random salon was closest. Would I okay to have one, but do the nail trimming myself and just let them do the soaking/scrubbing/polishing? I’ve been trying to keep up with foot maintenance myself but it’s sandal season here in Southern California and I’m just not as good as a professional.

here are some discussions on this

I'm not a doctor (nor do I play one on TV) but I am an LADA (I was diagnosed 20 years ago). I live in New York City and have been getting pedicures - including letting them cut my nails - for at least 20 years at my neighborhood budget nail salons and have never had a problem. I prefer the places with the ultraviolet light to clean the water but just because your diabetic should not mean you can't treat yourself to a $10 pedicure.

Thank you! I guess I searched stupidly because I didn't find anything before I posted! :D

So much of the "foot" recommendations for diabetes is based on the dark ages when people with diabetes had horrendous BG control and often were much older than you are. As long as you have good feeling in your feet, be smart but don't worry about things like pedicures and sandals. Even if you didn't have diabetes, you wouldn't want to go to a filthy nail place. Be smart about your feet, but get a pedicure and wear sandals if that's what you want.

I've had T1 38 years. I wear sandals and my endo knows it. I've never had a pedicure, but that is totally not related to diabetes. I just have never had a pedicure.... Don't ignore your feet, but don't go crazy over the idea that you are destined for foot problems.

A $10 pedicure in NYC????? Please tell me where. The cheapest pedicure in the suburbs of Boston is $35!

Hi Elena: Pedicure, yay! I would get more, but I don't always have the time/make the time. I go to a local place that is high quality--for various non-diabetes reasons I am just not going for the $10 version. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as an adult 20 years ago, no complications/no neuropathy. I have them do the whole nine yards, it is bliss.

oh yes to nail salons in nyc! in queens and bklyn you can get deals on weds and thurs, mani, pedi, neck massage for 15 or 20 dollars!

I used to get them here and there for a treat but I stopped long before D due to hepatitis and other diseases being transmitted that way. You just never know what you could catch. They also used to do a terrible job trimming my toe nails sometimes, I'm very sensitive, they messed up and I ended up bleeding, not fun, lol!

I do all my own foot care now. I'm too sensitive and I do have some form of neuropathy- I wouldn't risk getting an infection especially now. I don't wear nail polish anymore due to all the horrible chemicals- I have one of those buffing/polishing kits which I use occasionally. I don't wear open toed sandals/shoes anymore anyway, maybe once in a blue moon, I was never very big on them ever. I wear socks with them- I hate the feel of grit and grime on my feet and I'm afraid I'll be injured more easily.

I’m a man-- but for gods sake, absolutely. If that’s something you enjoy by all means go for it without thinking twice. You’re a diabetic not an inmate. Enjoy your life!

I agree with laddie, it’s likely old school advice. Sure, gotta take basic precautions but a pedicure once in a while shouldn’t hurt you? I get manicures all the time (shellac though not fake nails) and that’s never really hurt me in any way. I don’t get pedicures though because I got toenail fungus after one when I was younger.

Thanks for the input, everyone! I think I will go ahead and make an appointment! Just for my peace of mind I think I'll cut the nails myself but I'll let them do the rest! :D

I do all my own foot care now.
It has advantages, but those foot and calf massages just aren't the same :-)

(Whispered to other men: Pedicures are wonderful, minus the nail buffing and painting)

Yes I'm sure, I prefer to have someone close to me do that:-). After my dvt I'm scared to massage the calves though. I wonder if massages help foot neuropathy? One of my docs said he thinks walking actually makes it worse which seems to be the case for me as well as cold weather and too much standing etc. I had a neck massage once that put me back into pt. I do miss the pedicures but it isn't something I did that much due to cost etc. but I don't miss bleeding from toe nail cutting, so it's good to skip that part for sure imo. I just don't trust anyone else other than me and my podiatrist to cut my toenails.

I personally don't like the risks, but a lot of it is because I know my wounds are a bit slow to heal, and I have a strong family history of peripheral neuropathy. Even though my A1C is very close to non-diabetic ranges (current one is at 5.8, but my eag for the past two or so months equates to a 5.4-5.5 A1C), I don't want to take the risk and acquire an infection. I do my own pedicures instead (or force my siblings to give me one).

Some places do that skin-shaving thing on soles of your feet which I think would be good to avoid. It is illegal in some states and municipalities because it is pretty easy to "shave" too deep and really mess someone up. But other than that part you should totally go for it! I've been T1 for 33+ years and I get pedicures at least once a year. I have them do the whole shebang and just politely decline if they bust out that curved foot shaver thing.

Yes to pedicures! You don't have to do any of the care yourself. As long as the place is clean you'll be fine, but that goes for all people, not just diabetics. I get manicures all year round and pedicures during the summer and I've never had a problem, not once.

I have been getting pedicures for about a year now, once every other month. If nothing else it's a treat I give myself. I can't do the clipping and cutting, and it's so relaxing to have someone else do it for me, and they'll paint my toenails : ) I did my homework, cause I know we have many hair salons that will do them, but not always clean and reliable. My Pa recommended a gal whose mother has diabetes and the gal got a special course in pedi's for diabetics. She if very careful, thorough and knows how to do what she does. If she has questions or concerns she will tell me so that I can share them with my PA. Go for it, if you can find a good person, and then sit back and enjoy

it doesn't stop me ;-)