For the men out there - Are you shaving your abdomen for the infusion set?

I would like to add some more real estate to my infusion set change pattern and I'm wondering if I should start trimming or shaving my abdomen? I've been using the side mostly because there is very little hair there but I would like to use more space in the middle area.

Or do the infusion sets stay in place on top of average haired men?


I shave the areas that I place the infusion set. The infusion set will stay in place if you don't shave. It's removing the infusion set that sucks.

Like Brent says, it's not the staying on but the coming off that's the problem. At first I tried using UniSolve adhesive remover swabs, but after a while decided it was less bother just to razor off the site. At first I was worried I was going to look piebald or something, but the hair grows back pretty rapidly (wasn't there a Seinfeld episode about that???)

I use my beard trimmer to mow my stomach every 3 weeks when I replace my Dexcom. That is when I trade sides for sites

Infusion sets sticking is not the issue for's removing them that sucks! I use a beard trimmer and shave the spot down the morning I am switching sites. Used to worry about the splotchy look but don't care anymore. Ripping the hair out sucked to bad.

Thanks everyone. Looks like I'll be doing some manscaping from now on.

Well, from a different view… I do not shave my belly, and it doesn’t really bother me at all removing them. I even use skin-tac, IV3000, and flexifix sometimes.

You really have to find what works for you. I’d suggest trying without shaving it first, see if it stays put, and/or doesn’t hurt to remove. At least try before going patchwork style.

I guess I’m just worried I’d start growing a tummy beard.


Yes...removal is why.
Just trim the little patch where I intend to place new one.
That way...can tell which site was used most recently and thus find a newer more fertile site...

Yes, I think there was a Seinfeld episode touching on this...

I agree with the others who commented it’s not sticking that’s a problem but removing whatever device. I use my beard trimmer to remove the hair as necessary.

No shaving. I have very little hair on my abdomen. Must be my African genes.

Yes, I the morning of the day I change my set. So the alcohol won't burn