Insulin Pump Infusion Set Problem

So I’ve been having a problem with changing out my infusion sets. The problem is, I’m a hair ball. Removing the infusion set is one of the most painful things in the world as it seems that the hair on my belly just will not let go. Have any of the guys on this site had this problem and if so how do you deal with it?

This might be better asked in the pumpers forum area. That said, try using an alcohol swab on the set prior to removal. I find that helps diminish the sticky.

Could you shave the area in which you’re putting the new site? The hair would grow some by the time you remove it but it’d be less than the regular amount…just an idea from a girl. :slight_smile: L

Lisa, That’s what I did when I changed this infusion set this time. I’ll know tuesday if it helped. I really dont want to “manscape” but if it cuts down on the pain it would be worth it to me.