For the women out there: menopause and BGs

the highs and lows of BGs due to the change in our bodies estrogen production can reek havoc on our stability. w/ all the mood changes, the hot flashes, night sweats, migraines…
how do we cope as W/w D? my obgyn, during the pre-menopausal/ through to the complete cycle of menopause wanted me to go on a low dose of estrogen replacement therapy. this proved a disaster. i needed to change my pump’s basals so frequently, i felt i would simply lose it. from day to day, week to week, month to month…you get the picture. UGH.

now, thankfully, i have been through the big M for a couple of years; yet, i have noticed new changes in my body that are different but similar at the same time. my obgyn thought that some estrogen would help me out and get me through this stage in my adult life. ( i am 51 ) most of these inconveniences are related to intimacy w/ my husband, if you get my drift. i refused to taking the estrogen b/c i was afraid what it might do to my BGs.

have any of you women out there had to go through this, and if so, what have you done or chosen to do for yourself at this changing state of your adult life???

I did absolutely nothing. Hasn’t been a problem at all.

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have any of you women out there had to go through this, and if so, what have you done or chosen to do for yourself at this changing state of your adult life???[/quote]All women have or will go through this. There is no question that estrogen and progesterone affect how your cells respond to insulin, and the changes in your hormone levels can trigger fluctuations in your blood sugar level. We have or will need to check our bg and make whatever adjustments are necessary.

did you experience the M symptoms at all, though? or did it go smoothly? and if you have finished w/ it, do you have any residual effects as a maturing woman?

No I never had one symptoms of menopause. No hot flashes, no nothing. I had an ablation when i was 40 that stopped my periods and from there no symptoms at all. I’m 62 now

Hey @Daisy_Mae - glad you posted this (am trying to find answers to). I had a hysterectomy last Fall, due to ovaries going whacky after I’d already been in menopause stage of life for over a year. I was handling it okay before the surgery, and now BOOM … hot flashes, mood swings (oh did I mentioned I’m also Hashimoto … all this stuff came on at same time … so many things in a mixing bowl with hormones, etc.).

I am thinking of going on hormones … not for the blood sugars though (which now it seems they will go whacky perhaps with being on them - ovey). It’s more for my skin. I feel like a dried out Mummy about to be put in a crypt. It actually effects my eye sight and eyes … so I’m having to use drops all the time due to dryness of the old peepers. So, it’s double duty when the skin around the eyes starts to dry out … then the eye ball starts to dry up … you get the point here … when my tomb is unveiled in many years from now … they’ll wonder … WTF are the cat ears doing on this persons head … uhhh … hello … FatCatAnna … you didn’t follow my blogs back in the 21st century :tongue:

Anyway, appointment is on Wedesday. Will see if gyno understands T1D at all (if you read this #dblog - you’ll see the lady who put me under did NOT understand insulin pumps at all … not a fun experience at what I now call a hick town hospital … and I refuse to go back there even if I’m close to kicking the bucket … take me to another hospital a 1/2 hours drive away from me … pwease).

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Hi Anna,

Not to discourage you–and apologies if you already know this–but it might be prudent also to ask your endo about Sjogren’s syndrome.

Best wishes for some good answers and solutions!


Hey Marty - had to do some research on the “Sjogren’s syndrome” (I have never heard of it). Luckily, it’s not what I have (no dry mouth … I’m known as the Drool Queen in the dentist office - which is a good thing for those of us with diabetes!).

I have ocular rosacea is the diagnosis from having gone back to eye doctor … I do have the skin disorder … since childhood … but it’s now attacking my eyes with getting more mature :blush:. Trying out a med that will hopefully help, it’s sadly something I’ll have to be on for life, much like our juice of life … bloody expensive - but affordable while I’m still a working stiff. Once I stop working, who knows.

Thanks for replying back on behalf of @Daisy_Mae - I guess she hasn’t come back for help since she started the convo last year.

Au revoir for now.

Hey there FATCAT. it’s me, i’m still around. my husband calls me the drool queen. i have the same problem. (also, i wear a night guard for my grinding teeth at night) and my husband says i drool all over him and the pillows. he wishes i would sleep in the other direction, but i absolutely MUST sleep on my right side. what can i say.

anyway, i know that’s a bit off topic, but you caught my attention. as far as the topic goes, now quite some time since i started writing about this subject, i have stood firmly on avoiding any hormone replacement therapy. i am just going w/ the flow and letting my body be as it may. and as far as intimacy w/ my husband goes, well, we work things out together.

be well.

Daisy Mae

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