For Type 2 Women . . . . birth control and type 2 diabetes

Hey everyone,

Gosh, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would have to ask this question for a while, but what do you women with type two diabetes do for birth control besides condoms? I know that the hormone based pills come with risk of heart attack and stroke, and since my mom has already had several mini strokes, well I don’t want to take this too lightly.

I’m not much a fan of condoms, but what other options are there for me when these factors are in play:

*I don’t want something to mess with my blood glucose levels.
*I don’t want something with a high risk of weight gain, when I am trying so hard to lose weight.
*I don’t smoke anything and do not plan to in any future lifetime.

Thanks, everyone. I’ve read an article that says us diabetics can use anything, but I couldn’t find anything on the American Diabetes Association website. Any thoughts?

I use a Mirena. I got it Dec 3rd. So far so good. TMI but I still have a little bleeding. But no hormones and mood swings. My hubby is deployed so I don’t how it works that way but I hope things will be ok.

Thanks for your reply. That’s one of the major options I’ve been looking at.

I’m type 1, but I use Mirena as well. Had it for about a year and change. Still have pretty normal periods, just less painful and shorter—and they’re much more regular. It messes with my BG just the same as my normal period did (haha).

But, I used to get very elevated blood pressure when on the pill and I do not have that problem with Mirena.

No weight gain either!

I’m type 1 - I use Nuvaring

This is another option I’ve thought about as well, but I have also read some not so nice side effects about it. How have your experiences been?

I am type one and I use orthotricyclean. It’s the third B.C I’ve been on during the past year and so far has worked the best for me. No weight gain, no extra hunger and I only get a little mood swingy around the time that I go onto the non-bc pills. I think my mood has actually leveled out a lot on this.

I had been on Loestrin 24, but it really messed with my blood sugar. I had trouble keeping it under 200 when I was on it. I then switched onto Yaz, but (possible TMI) had break through bleeding.

I too was hesitant to try B.C - I have a benign tumor on my liver and was concerned about the hormones and how they might effect it. So far I’ve had no trouble. You and your doctor should be able to come up with an option that will work for you, though, it all depends upon your body and it’s reaction, I think. You may end up having to try a few until you find that one that is right for you. :slight_smile: