What Contraceptive Pills is safe for Diabetics?

what Contraceptive Pills is safe for Diabetics?
since i really want to try.


I use Orthotricycline and it works great for me. I haven’t had any problems =]

I use hte Mirena, it has been great. When I went on the pill before it drove me crazy. This is just heaven now, no hassle.

as far as i know, all contraceptive pills are safe for diabetics. the insulin does not bother with them and if anything they can be helpful. I took orthotricyclen lo pills when i started and now i use the nuva ring. it’s really whatever you are most comfortable with. the pills i took also help with acne and it was a low level of estrogen dose which i very good, since too much causes problems later in life.
the only thing of concern is antibiotics. when you are on them, they cause the birth control to not work.

I used Nuvaring

I’ve never thought about how bc effects diabetics! i’m on alesse

Television, the bigger the screen the more the contraception.

I suggest Sony, just because Peyton Manning told me it was the best.

rick phillips

thanks for the reply. anyway does this will not effect my blood sugar to rise?
because some tells that it can affect my BG to rise. and also can affect my personality like having a great skin and will my increased my breast size as well. is that all true? im just curious…

no none of them cause you r blood sugar to rise. it is a hormone dose so yeah we are women, hormones cause our personalities to go a little eratic sometimes lol nothing permanent!!! nothing more than pms… yes some can be used to help with your skin, and i have heard the breast size thing but i’m not positive that it true. however, every one has different reactions to any type of drug. That’s something you need to talk to a gyn about

What a great oppurtunity to celebrate the fact that we have more in common than we do that is different. First and foremost, as a male I certainly recognize that INSULIN is a hormone and when the dose is not correct, I have be known to act erratic sometimes (I’m with you sisters)!!!

At the age of forty seven I will soon experience menopause, and my breasts get larger after using a bench press. Last but not least most women are not public about discussing yeast infections, for males it’s impotence, especially in the diabetic community. Welcome to “The Body Human” (ha ha).

Love Always
The Anonymous Diabetic.

i have researched that BCP makes your diebetes worst. and can cause other complications…
im so afraid.

ROTFLMAO! Kinda true. I had my hubby sell the bigscreen (it was the size of a smart car, and wouldn’t fit into our home)! Poor guy.

I think they are safe enough, and haven’t notice any difference between when I have been taking BCP and not for months at a time. My chest grew in college when I started BCP, but that might have just been the 24 hour cafeteria (or nearly) and the freshman 15!

I take OrthoTri Lo.

where have you found this research? i would love to see it. but if you are honestly this worried no one here can calm your fears more than a md. call you endo or regular physician, even a free clinic and they can discuss the issues you are bringing up better than anyone.

i have never had an issue with birth control. i’ve been diabetic since i was 11 and on borht control since i was 15, and now i’m 20. i’ve never had a problem that related to both, and no doctor has every expressed any concern with the combination. if anything BC helps control certain hormones that can cause havoc on my BS during my cycle.