Found an endocrinologist - now what?

At the end of August, I asked about how you all found your endo and what you’ve looked for when scouting for a new one. I finally got in to see a new guy fairly close to where I live - he’s hospital affiliated, specializes in diabetes, and actually had openings in his schedule before March 2009. After going for the first visit, I must say I’m less than impressed with him. He seemed reasonably well-acquainted with exactly two companies - Lifescan and Minimed (I have a Cozmo pump). When I mentioned I’d been having highs lately that didn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason and I thought it was due to a shipment of insulin I’d gotten in August (and kept in the fridge once it arrived), his response was “you’re more likely to freeze your insulin than overheat it.” When calling my prescription for insulin in, he way underestimated my three-month shipment size. His receptionist is short-tempered and (I can tell) tired of me calling the practice for follow-up. He ordered some bloodwork for my thyroid (I have a family history) and I was never called back with the results. He seemed really relieved when I said I’m not looking into CGMS right now and I get the feeling he’d hate having to fill out the paperwork if I said I wanted it.

Am I expecting too much? It is the first appointment, not the twentieth. My old endo was fabulous and always listened to what was going on in my life, was really encouraging no matter what - maybe I’m too accustomed to fantastic care and should get used to decent or good care.

On the other hand, I’ve been hearing really terrific things about another endo in town - apparently he’s extremely pump-savvy and willing to go the extra mile for his patients. Should I switch or should I give this first guy another chance? What do you all think?

I always give someone a second chance. You never know, they might surprise you. But if this other endo has a long lead-time for appointments, schedule it anyway; you can always cancel. (I assume this is the reason you didn’t go to that doctor in the first place).

I was less than impressed with my first visit to my current endo. First observation: he sat behind his desk, folded his hands, and asked “So. What can I do for you?”. Over time, I’ve found that he’s not the kind of guy I would want to socialize with, but when it comes to diabetes care, he knows his stuff. He pushed for me to get a pump (though never showed alternate brands, which irks me a bit), always calls me immediately when blood test results are in (I also have low thyroid levels), and has a CDE and dietician, both Type 1, on staff. Plus, in all honesty, I don’t keep blood sugar/food logs and don’t give him much to work off of, so he does well considering. He just doesn’t have a strong personality.

Regarding freezing insulin, he may have seen that problem often. I’d say give him another visit. If you’re not impressed, try the second guy. Just remember, once you leave you really can’t (easily) go back, and you don’t want to alienate any doctors. If you are hospitalized for some reason, and he is assigned to care for you, you don’t want any grudges getting in the way!

I say make an appointment with the new endo and just deal with the current one until you get to see your new one. I have been in your shoes and there is no reason to settle for second rate care.

I saw an endo that decided as she walked in the door what kind of medical care I needed. It took forever for her to see me. She would only spend about 5-10 minutes with me when she saw me and had a bad attitude toward me. I was not just a patient that she could tell what to do and I would do it without asking questions. I had her apply for a pump for me and when the insurance company denied my claim she told me I should have not been surprised because I was a type 2 and not a type 1. I later realized that she also did not know how to read test rests. I was type 1.

I have gotten more done in 2 visits with my new endo than I did in 2 years with my old endos. A good doctor is well worth the work.

I agree with Unicornzzz. You’ve got enough evidence that the current office is going to be difficult to work with. Don’t we go through enough already? I would take the leap, make the switch, and let concerns about my diabetes care be because of dosages and such - not because I don’t feel in sync with my doctor.

Hi Sarah! I’m actually in a simpler boat now… so I can relate.

I had my first appointment with my new endo two months ago. I was not at all impressed. But I decided that I should give him a second chance. I went back this week and it was MUCH better. So I say give him a second chance, but keep your options open!!