New Doctors!

Today was the first day towards feeling better about my health care team.

First, a little background: My last doctor (Dr. Not So Awesome) was a very nice endocrinologist who grated on my nerves. I had picked her randomly out of a insurance line up because she was the first on I found taking new patients near where my parents new locale. She was like a little diabetes machine…for older patients. While she was okay that I was on a pump and she wrote the prescription for my CGM, she didn’t get it or like it AT ALL. She didn’t understand the college thing and the crazy schedules. After 2 appointments, she decided to shrug me off and into the arms of her nurse practitioner (NP), who was better by all means but not anything spectacular. The NP ignored the numbness in my hands without even giving me a possible cause (carpal tunnel, anyone?), but she was otherwise bearable. So when I visited Dr. Not So Awesome in March and she proceeded to berate me and talk to me like I was a child, I ended up angry and crying in my car. At that moment I realized that with all the stress in my ridiculously busy and career-oriented life, my Diabetes doctor should not be stressing me out.

I drove home and decided that I needed to get back to someplace that accepted technology, understanding, and support. That’s why I called up an outpatient Joslin Clinic. I went to one for 6 years in NJ and I knew that their attitudes were what I needed.

My new Endo is leaps and bounds better. I was a little wary because of her thick accent, but she was astounded by how well I take care of myself. Flattery is the key to good reviews (jk). She was actually sincere when she said I was one of the good patients. My HbA1c on their rapid test was 6.2, which is pretty much where I wanted it to be. She didn’t want to change anything about my basal rates or bolus ratios. She told me to keep relaxing and exercising and to see her at the end of the summer.

The only kind of scary thing that we spent a few minutes discussing was the extra 15 or so pounds I’ve gained in the past 2 years of graduate school. She said that if the exercise doesn’t help with loosing those pounds and increasing my insulin sensitivity, I may need to go on metaformin. Apparently, with my family history and my new luggage that I’m trying to lose, insulin resistance may be playing a role. She said not to worry about it just yet through. Still scares me a little bit. More meds? I have a hard time remembering to take my daily vitamins everyday. Bolusing is usually a little more memorable cause that blocky pancreas (MM pump) is attached to me and it happens at random times.