Found the site after reading one of your reviews

Hello, my name is Scott. I was diagnosed about two years ago with Type 2 diabetes after the fire department that I belong to enacted yearly physicals. It was during the drug test the nurses asked if I was diabetic? At that time my BS was 354 non fasting.

Needless to say life has been different and difficult at times since then. For the last 3 months I have been off my “plan”, eating chocolate bars at work, not testing myself for whole weeks, ect. I have stayed on my meds of Metforman, sometimes I just dont care. Eating chocolate for me is easy, it is a comfort food although I know what it is doing to my BS levels which then hours later makes me feel depressed, vicious cycle I suppose.

Anyway, I had my 3 month A1c the other day and while I dont know the results yet I know I have to get back on track from this recent Fail (IMO). I have always resisted the act of testing myself simply because I hate the pain associated with pricking your finger which led me to your site earlier this week when I was doing searches on lancers. Finding a favorable review on the Delica Lancer among some others I went to my local Rx and bought one. I like it so far, a lot less painful than the lancer that came with my Bayer Meters. According to one article I read, I had the worst lancer on the market.

I think with the new lancer now I will be less resistant in testing myself (hoping). Right now my BS levels are in range and I would like to keep it that way.

I am here I guess for more information & for support.

Welcome to the site, Scott, and good for you for making the decision to get back on track. You’ve come to the right place for support and info!

Welcome to the tudiabetes family!

I’m glad to hear that you have crawled back on the wagon. Little changes can make a big difference. It seems overwhelming at first…it takes time and energy. But it feels good to feel good. The time and energy are well spent.

Glad you found us!

Welcome to our community. :slight_smile: Getting used to the changes is hard… So perhaps try making ONE change, and then sticking to it till it becomes easy, and then picking up another thing to change. :slight_smile: I love chocolate, too. So, what I do is that I make my own at home – it’s actually soooo easy. Unsweetened baker’s chocolate bars, melted in the microwave, and then add a little almond bark, or artificial sweetener of your choice, and it’s great. Lower in carbs, and kinder on your BG. Here, check out these home made chocolate peanut butter cups I make. :slight_smile: So easy, my husband makes them on his own without my help.

Unsweetened baker’s chocolate bars-

I dont typically cook being single, what is Unsweetened baker’s chocolate bars? Is that a brand? Can one buy these locally in a supermarket?

Sounds good.

A brand be would like “Baker’s Chocolate.” That’s a brand. :slight_smile: They have em in every supermarket, in the baking isles.

Huh, Ok, I just saw it on No sugar= Like!


Watch out for the sugar alcohols in sugar-free chocolate bars & sugar-free ice cream. Gives some people gastric distress if eaten in quantity (stomach ache &/or diarrhea). For other people, sugar alcohol acts just like real sugar because these people (I’m one) can actually metabolize sugar alcohol.

You can make your own low carb chocolate treats very easily & cheaply. Will send you recipes, if you like.

Yeah, I was just referring to the baking chocolate for making our own. Actual Sugar free chocolate candy sold at stores is yuck yuck, and bad for the BG. lol

Bleech, sugar-free candy bars. Just wanted to warn Scott because they are yucky & sugar alcohols can mess us up.

Sugar free & sugar alcohols, been there done that, really try to stay far away from them. Although they do make Choc cookies, that look like Oreo’s (forget the company that makes them) there avail in most supermarkets though, they are great!

Welcome to the community Scott! I hope you will find your stay most informative, informative and fun! A certified chocoholic here…but I make my own chocolate snacks now with dark chocolate, skimmed milk, stevia (or Splenda) and my choice of nuts.

There are these two. They have stevia & xylitol. Don’t know what they taste like.

Welcome Scott.

hey most of us rebel at some points in or disease, and as a doctor once told me, what is done is done, the msot important thing is what you do next. I wish sometimes, that what I did next was most important (it is not always the case) but there is no time like the presnet.

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