Back at starting point!

Hey everyone!!! Just wanting to share something with all of you.

Well I’ve been a diabetic for almost two years now. (I think) When I was first diagnosed I was depressed and didn’t know much about diabetes. I knew it ran in the family but never did it cross my mind that it would occur to me. My glucose levels were in the low 200’s. I was put on metformin twice daily. I started watching what I ate and doing exercise. My fasting levels were normal (80-120) everything was going fine and i was doing ok. My A1c level was 6% last year. As i got comfortable with what I was doing i started to slack off. I stopped checking my GL and stopped eating healthy. I did exercise every now an than but not as much. Every now an than i would check my fasting levels and they would be around the 140’s. Now for the past month or so my levels are back in the 200 's and it seems as if I’m losing weight again. I ask myself if its the meds that stopped working for me or was it me? I guess I’m back at the starting point of all these and to be honest it has me down. All I think about is my diabetes and every time I eat something i worry about my levels. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and hopefully we can find a solution for this. Has anyone experienced something similar? I would really like some feedback to get me thinking positive insutead of being depressed and negative. Thanks in advance!!!

Ohh yeah one more thing, any tips on gaining weight the healthy way for a diabetic??

Your story sounds alot like mine. I was dx as type 2 then found out I was type1. You may want to get more blood work done to know for sure that you are type 2 and not 1. The same happened to me about weight loss. I just got dx as Type 1 back in August after thinking I was type 2 for 9 years.

As far as weight gain I am still losing weight. It’s a good thing for me though because I am still a few pounds over weight.

Wish you the best.

I agree with Uniboy, Roberto. I would have your doctor run antibody and c-peptide tests to clarify if you are in fact Type 2 or are actually Type 1. I was misdiagnosed Type 2 and did great on oral meds until they stopped working and my numbers started to climb. Then I figured out I was actually Type 1 (LADA). You may be as well.

I have been a diabetic now for 11 years…I ignored it for 2 years. Can’t tell you what finally got me to start paying attention.
I think we all go through a thing where we just don’t want to do all this messin’ around anymore, so we slack off…and then we come back for whatever the reason is. Sometimes it’s depression about a chronic disease, sometimes it’s not wanting to be different, sometimes it is what it is…ya just don’t wanna. Smart people, like you and I come back and sometimes with a vengance and the inner need to drive ourselves crazy over diabetes. Both of us need to settle down, be aware that we are different, and we have a chronic disease, but to obsess over it, brings only anger and depression. LIve your life, test your sugars, eat right, exercise, take your meds, and grow older. What more can anyone want from life? OH I have about 50 lbs I’d be happy to share with you if we could figure out how to do it.

As others have stated you could be a misdiagnosed Type 1. Or it could be a result of being complacent with a 140 fasting blood glucose level. 140 fasting is far from healthy and likely represents a continual pounding of your pancreas and loss of beta cells. So you fell off the wagon. Who doesn’t? Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back on again. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

As the others have said, you may be mis-diagnosed. But whether or not that is the case, you need to see an endo who specialises in diabetes for appropriate testing to be sure of your type and a review of your treatment.

This may help you improve your menu, but if your insulin production is failing you will need more than this: Test, Review, Adjust

Ohh yeah one more thing, any tips on gaining weight the healthy way for a diabetic??

Protein and fats (meats, fish, eggs, cheese etc) are a healthy way to add calories with minimal effects on blood glucose. But if your weight loss is a result of excessive BG levels the only way to improve things is to get that under control first.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia

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Hi Roberto: Losing weight is a sign of uncontrolled Type 1 diabetes. As others have said, it would be good to get antibody testing (GAD, ICA, IA-2) and a c-peptide test. I would suggest talking with your doctor about the possibility that you have Type 1 diabetes. If you have Type 1, you should be on insulin. Insulin will bring down your BGs and help you gain weight. Best of luck, keep us updated!

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t responded I’ve just being tied up with my diabetes and watching what I’m eating. Just wanted to update on what’s been going on with me. So far it looks as if I’m doing a lot better. I’m currently fasting on 140 which i know its still high, but from 210 I think that’s a big improvement. I scheduled a doctors appointment with a endo, till than I’m going to keep exercising almost everyday cause its helping me out. Hopefully soon ill be back in the normal range.
Once again thanks everyone and ill keep updating.

140 is MUCH better than 210, good for you! Glad you have an app't. with an endo, hopefully s/he will be able to help you work out what's going on and the best tx.