Freaking mad

I’m so freaking mad right now that it gives me more fuel to do more in life and for the lives of others. My ex’s family is so freaking negative that I’m putting it to a more positive mode right now. Make them eat their freaking words that they say about my daughters. Their over here saying that my oldest daughter who is 19 and have one child who is 2 and 1/2 is saying that she ain’t going to have a future. Even thou she is starting college this monday. STUPID ain’t they.

Than they tell my 17 year old that she won’t even be going to college. How the heck do they know that. I’m an extremely strong woman and I will be the driving force behind my daughters’ going to college to become what they want to be. Just because all they do is go to bingos they think that’s the way of life to get money. Or the way of life at all. How dumb can they be?

Everytime, I do something positive they’re in the background talking some BS. Hey, if you don’t have a life go get one. Stop hating on others. They can say all they want but when it comes to my girls going to college, they will not bring my girls down to their level.

At the same time, I’m trying to keep my cool and practice what I preach. WHY ME!!! They’re not paying for my daughters’ college so they need to be quiet.

You parents out there ever get put down because you can do for your children in some way that fits your budget…I say go for it. The rewards will be extremely blessed in the future.

Like the saying goes…it gets worse before it gets better.

Not this DIABETES or ex in laws is going to come in the way of me putting my daughters thru college.

Learn, explore, endure, cherish be everything you want to be. Diabetes can not stop you. Can’t stop me either cause I’m going to college with the girls next year too.

I’m venting down now. Everything will be alright. I know it.

(((HUGS))) Negative BS is so draining, they’re just jealous of your drive and perserverance and trying to suck the life out of you x

My oldest daughter just went to pick up my youngest to come back to Austin from Bastrop where she was living. My daughter had enough, I don’t blame her. Her father who is unemployed wasn’t even home to referee anything with his family. Just glad she’s coming home with me instead to have a better life. Thanks for the comment Louisa.

Hi Patti,

I’ve had a saying for years that has helped carry me through my journey. What it is I say to help me is that they talked about Jesus Christ, so I consider myself to be in good company. Remember talk is cheap and that’s all it is. Some people get joy out of predicting failure for others because they can’t seem to rise but with your determination your girls will learn to stand on their own and not listen to negativity.

Hi Patti Your Daughters are lucky to have a mother like you. You are such a strong women. And not even a disease like diabetes gets you down. That alone makes you a great role model in my book. There was another thread here that asked about quotes and sayings and I read one that has stayed with me. " He who angers you Conquers you" At first i thought oh right how stupid is that , but i have had a chance to try it out and it is great leaves your opponents with nothing to say because they did’t get a rise out of you…Sweet huh… And I know what you mean about people talking s… about your girls but proof those fools wrong…I am a single parent and worked hard to proof people wrong my daughter is now a senior at a private University here in san antonio and i cant tell you it was not easy its been hard and financially draining. she works full time and its hard for her cause all the other students she knows don’t have to work ,but i believe this will make her stronger…So you see it can be done…And I am so glad You have your daughter back in Austin . well i am glad u vented it helped me do some venting myself…LOL Hollar anytime you want… Your D friend ,Letty

Hey Patti, vent away. This is the one place you can and people will listen … and care. I know its hard. My Pete is 21 and he is the 3rd son we are putting thru college. It never really fits in your budget but it’ll get paid off little by little. My brother in law often makes remarks about us going into debt to help the kids go to college. His kids didn’t go, got married and had babies early and work at mediocre jobs.
I’m proud to look at my sons and know they are doing well and I helped them get there. Don’t listen to the haters. Stay strong and keep encouraging your girls. Your a good Mom. = ) Plus I know my parents did it for us. They had all 3 of us in college at the same time. He was a mailman and my Mom worked in a sewing mill. But they did it for us to see us do better. Thats what good parents do.
Keep up the good work.

Im with ya I have an ex who doesnt help but my daughter is still in college because of me and exinlaws who only include her when they feel like it.And what is with the goverment who says the PARENTS(which should mean both birth parents)are responsable for cost of education but she does not qualifiy for any grant money because her stepfather makes to much money and her father is off the hook as usual.

You all will always be some damn good friends a girl can have. We just went shopping for some odds and ends for my daughters’ room and to make room for Raquel. She is happy to get away from the negativness so is me and my husband ( her step dad). When he heard them say that about my girls, he got pissed and said “We’ll see about that cause they are MY girls and MY girls will succeed in life with my help as well.” He loves those girls and the boys and the grandchildren so damn much that they are his children not my ex’s. God bless that man for making a home for them to succeed. And even thou he is Diabetic himself, he won’t give up.

hey that sounds like my ken i have 1 brother and 2 sisiters and i cant stand any of the 3 my bro thinks he’s the top sht of the famliy and the other 2 think they are.i have not talk to my 5yrs or my oldest sis. 5 years and my other sis. in about 3 yrs.they only call when they want something($$$$$).but to tell you the truth me and my famliy (wife ,3kids) are just fine without dont let it get to you .they said the same thing to me and now im the only one with a job and a family .just tell them that if they don’t like to KISS YOUR A** thats what i do . hope it gets better for you .

Ex’s are usually not going to be the kindest, or most supportive people in your life. They will take any opportunity they have to hurt you, and try to make you regret that you left them (mine does anyway). Most of the time I simply have too much going on to even try to worry about him or his motives. As long as you put your girls first, you can’t go wrong! It sounds like you are already doing that! Go Patti!

I’m so proud of the girls, they are holding it up real fine. They still got some other relatives talking ■■■■, I tell you I can’t wait for the girls and I to walk the stage receiving our degrees. A beautiful moment that will be. A moment to put on blog here on Tudiabetes another four to five years from now.