Birthday parties, ignorant parents and my happiness in finding


When my daughter started kindergarten 2 years ago I did everything by the book. I met with the school nurse and teachers, was there when my daughter talked to her class about
diabetes and I even talked with the other parents at open house. I did the same for first grade since some of
the kids were not in her kindergarten class.

I thought we did a pretty good job of balancing the seriousness of the disease with the fact that Sáin is a normal little girl that doesn’t need to be treated differently most the time. We had a few glitches – like the time her Girl Scout leader convinced Sáin it was okay to have 8 sugar cookies… “Your mom won’t mind”. (Sáin is no longer in Girl Scouts but not for that reason alone… there were lots of issues with that troop.) But all-in-all my daughter is a normal 7 year old with lots of friends who loves school.

I knew there were a few ignorant parents but I was devastated on Wednesday when I was copied on an email going out to all the Girl Scout moms (our email is still on the list) that contained this:

“I’m glad we’re not the only ones who excluded Sáin from our party. I am so tired of dealing with her disease.”

The email was from the mother of one of Sáin’s best friends.

It made me cry at my desk which is something I vowed never to do. That lunch hour I spent my time searching diabetes blogs and came across which had a link to Reading the stories and profiles made me feel like I’m not alone. (I’m a single mom so I often feel alone in this whole thing.) So thank you, thank you all for helping through a really tough day. I’m so glad I found you!

(BTW – I got the nerve yesterday to email back “If you think you’re tired of it, how do you think Sáin feels.” I haven’t gotten an answer back yet.)


I’m so sorry to hear this. It breaks my heart for you and your daughter. While you did your best to try and educate, there are some that simply do not want to listen or learn. I’m glad you emailed them back, and I would bet they are too ashamed to respond. This is a wonderful site to vent and share with those who understand. I’m glad you found us.


I am glad you found us here. You and your daughter sound lovely. Shame on that woman!!! Someone who talks about a child and their disease like that is plain cruel.
God help the child who gets so much as a cold in her care…she doesn’t know THING ONE about compassion. (Maybe she’s just pissed because of lost cookie sales to us D’s! LOL )

You came to just the place for camaraderie , friendships and insight. Even though it was something bad and unfair, this even has brought you here - and that’s a very good thing!! :slight_smile:


Angie…I’m glad you found us as well. Welcome. I’ve been a member for a little over a month now and not a day goes by without me checking to see what’s going on here.

As far as the GS’s are concerned, I don’t think they’re going to come out with a sugar-free cookie anytime soon. I would boycott them but nothing’s better than grabbing a couple of Thin Mints out of the freezer for an overnight low. Maybe I’ll just have to not enjoy them as much…


Ugh. What a nasty adult.

Tim, the girl scouts have actually tried a few reduced sugar cookies over the years. And a cracker one year.


Thanks for the comments… I have nothing at all against the Girl Scouts (or the cookies :slight_smile: ) We just had a less than ideal troop leader.


Wow - I think it’s a great thing you responded with an email to give this mom your perspective. I guess it’s not surprising this woman has not responded back. How sad.

Welcome to TuDiabetes and hope you post often!! :slight_smile:


Welcome! It is a great place to come and be understood! I was horrified to read your experience. I can’t imagine a Mother being so insensitive! This disease is a never ending education process, it is a shame there is so much ignorance around!


I can NOT believe that woman said that and someone you trusted because she was your daughter’s best friend’s mom!!! UGH! Makes me want have a little chat with her myself!