Have you ever?

Forgotten your blood machine anywhere?

A couple of weeks ago, I think I left my blood machine at Stop and Shop or it could be Costco, on third thought maybe it was Old Navy? Well, where ever it is right now I am positive noone is using it.

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You really mean, how many times have your forgotten, right? The answer to that would be too many times! But I have never lost it permanently:)

yea i lost it permanently good thing i have like 10 more at home! haha

I lost my Ultrasmart at Wal-Mart. Had a brand new vial in it too. The worst part was that the only back up I had was an Aviva that read me 20-30 point higher. First time I ever paid for a meter was when I had to go out that night to buy a new one.

Let’s see…

I’ve lost my meter more than 5 times (same meter as you Gina), but it was returned each time (my first name and cell number is tapped inside meter case). My P-Link did fall out of my pocket as I was getting out of my friends car and she backed over it by accident. I had to wait about 3 days for the replacement to arrive, but had to buy strips out-of-pocket for an old Freestyle I had.

I now have 3 meters so I can always have a backup that uses the same strips (2 P-Links and 1 Nova Link). You can usually get the meters free (just call and tell them you lost/broke yours and they will send a free replacement), and it’s a good idea to have backup meters that use the same test strips.

bill, i literally have like 10 meters, that wasnt an exaggeration lol

I’ve managed to never loose mine, but once. But, I’ve left at home whenever I needed it tons of times.

wow, that sucks :confused:
ive lost mine at my friends house, her mom thought the case it was is was a lunch box contaner!
but ive always got it back in the end, and i have a glucometer on the back of my pump that makes my pump a glucometer too, so all i need to carry around are the test strips and lancets.
so its pretty convenient!
i always forget it though, or i get to lazy :
its not good, i need to work on it.

I forgot to bring my meter to school today… And my friend (also diabetic) forgot hers as well… Not good.

I HATE figuring out my insulin without testing first. Or relying on my somewhat non-existant low symptoms to treat before it gets bad…

LOL Emma - I am a teacher. When this happens to kids (who all know I’m D), I let them use mine. I’m constantly deleting others’ readings off my meters!

Aw, I think I need a teacher like you. I always seem to lose my meter around school and end up running around trying to find it whilst low (my brain can’t comprehend at that level that I should just eat and THEN find the meter - I have to test first). Smart, eh?