Bad diabetic, go sit in the corner

there are so many things that we of the rouge pancreases have to deal with and remember each day that, occasionally, we are bound to forget something or other. this does not make us bad diabetics…it makes us human. but i feel as if i get placed on a completely different level of expectations than your average joe. i have to be perfect because it’s more important for me to remember all those little gadgets and objects that keep me healthy than for someone else to remember their sunglasses. but let’s face it - there’s a LOT of stuff to remember. so of course i forget things sometimes, but never when i know i’m not going to be within a reasonable distance from home should i need to go back for something.

so here it is. as always i was sitting in my computer room where i drink my coffee and decide what to eat while i check my favorite sites on the web. as always, my meter is sitting on the desk in front of me. finally i decide to eat and test my blood sugar. i was greeted with a glorious reading of 95. seriously lovely really. i was happy and munched on the left over pasta salad i’d brought up. fast forward a few hours later. my fiance wants to go out. so we gather (well, mostly i gather up all the important stuff and head out. i swear that i grabbed the meter. but we go to a restaurant and after we order i start digging through my bag. no luck. i dig a little more furiously as sometimes in that massive bag i carry, things can become difficult to find. still nothing. i systematically empty my purse onto the table in front of us and then look up at my fiance. “you forgot your meter, didn’t you?” silent nod “bad diabetic, you should know better.” he was just joking (or so he claimed) but it still annoyed me. yes, i have to remember to bring this stuff with me wherever i go every day. you may think it would be an automatic thing by now. but i can’t tell you how many times he and i have gone out to the car to drive somewhere and i go through the check list with him. “did you grab your keys? your wallet? your cell?” he gives me the old check, check, and check. i cannot tell you how many times he’s had to go back into the house for one of those checked off items. when you’re so used to grabbing something that you need, there are occasions when you will forget it because you can honestly swear that you did put it in your bag.

being only human just doesn’t seem to be acceptable when your a diabetic.

I have done this–my solution—I keep an ultra mini in my purse…check it once a month (yes it is on my calendar to see if I need to rotate the strips)…never without a meter…I have them stashed about everywhere…for the same reason–love those free meters…I trade with others that use other kinds (so we all have extras of the kind that uses strips our RX’s cover)…pain, but solveable problem

I can relate to that! So many times I’ve also systematically emptied a handbag as horror and panic coincide with the realization that I’ve forgotten my meter (or emergency candy or my CGM monitor or extra test strips or an extra infusion set…). The OneTouch Mini is also my solution. Not that I haven’t had this happen even though I have an awesome solution now, but it happens much less frequently. Of course there was the time I lost it while playing the slots in Atlantic City and spent the rest of the night obsessing… and feeling like a bad, irresponsible diabetic. sigh

You can usually get a free Mini by going to the OneTouch website. I have one, but am supposed to be receiving another, and this one will be pink. I guess I’ll hang on to it in case I lose mine again…

Been there. Done that!

Been there, done that too. ((Hugs)) I’m with Denise on having a ‘purse only’ meter. Mine was a freebie I got and happens to be the smallest of the ones I own. Forgetfulness is my middle name though. There have been many times I’ve left home and forgotten the most embarrassing of things (like to change from my slippers into my shoes for example). You’re not a bad diabetic for being human. A ‘bad’ diabetic wouldn’t even LOOK for their meter in their purse in the first place or consider checking before a restaurant meal.

We’ve all been there, it happens! Your not a bad diabetic - your human and Sh*t happens.
I try and keep my meter in my handbag, even when I’m in the house. Still I’ve forgotten it a time or two. Move past it and give yourself some credit - you check your blood sugars - some would never have even reached for the machine to take their bs in the first place ! :wink:

Forgetting the meter sucks. Even worse is arriving at the nice restaurant and realizing I’ve forgotten my insulin.

I carry an old ultra in my purse too, but the insulin goes bad if I carry it around outside too much in the summer.

I’ve done that so many times.

And the one that my family won’t let me live down. I was on a summer college trip to Germany and a small group of us took an 8 hour trip to Prague by train for the weekend. Had everything (I thought) - extra strips, meter, etc. But forgot a little thing called a new bottle of insulin. I had only about 4 hours left in my pump. What followed is a story that would take half an hour to tell, but six pharmacies, four hospitals, and an american medical center later, I finally got insulin in the Czech Republic. It was awful. When we got back to Germany, my professor pulled the “bad diabetic” thing on me and then back in the states, so did my endo and family. It’s all anyone could talk about. It’s been 7 years and I still can’t live it down. No amount of self-flagellation over it is going to change what happened. We’re going to make mistakes. And we’ll do better in the future…or we’ll try.

That totally beats my lame-by-comparison story about going to some friends’ house a little over an hour from home, having gotten a ride from someone so not having my own transportation, forgetting I only had about 5 units left, and not having any supplies with me. The Walgreens near their home refilled my insulin prescription, but the pharmacy had to track down a doctor at 5PM on a Friday to get a script for syringes since I didn’t have any syringe refills on file. The Prague story sounds like a nightmare!