Free Carb Counters, Anyone?

Hey All,
I’m on the hunt for a free online carb counter to assist me with insulin carb ratios. Life has gotten a bit interesting and due to not being able to afford Byetta; a switch has been made to Humalog.(which I skipped this morning cuz I wanted breakfast anyway. Didnt know how much to give myself.)
So, Anyone know of a free online carb counter that even a 5 yr old can understand?:slight_smile:

I have a carb counter on my pump, but if I’m having something that’s outside it’s food list I use

I have several copies of the CarolieKing book. If you would like, I can send you one.

Give yourself a shot and eat veggies till it goes down. =)

I belong to this as well

I’d like that! I’ve added you to my friends list so we can yak of the forum:)

sigh… I didnt do anything… it is now 1pm and I tested at 107! So, Do I take shot for a cup of chili and just see what happends? I"m gonna be a wreck before day one is over!

Oh Skip That! I called the dietician and was planning on a bowl of chili.sigh… got off the phone and went hunting for the chili… the kids ate it all. I tested again. I’m 70! I feel ok just freaked. I took my shot of Humalog up to the second line. I’m gonna eat a sandwich! two slices of bread mayo light 1slice of cheese and braunschwieger and 1 apple!
Grr… I’m gonna go crazy! Maybe I should start a new post and call it my “Saga…Please help” just til I learn how to do all this. I hope I dont hypo on my first day!

You can use lifeform for 21 days free then it is $29 bucks. It is my favorite carb counter because it lets me put in all the foods and recipes I eat very easily. . It’s very easy to figure out.

Remember that it isn’t enough to look up the counts, you need to have a good idea of the portion size. That’s where I often go wrong. If you have a postage scale or food scale that can really help.

I like or also

I like because it has the restaraunts and name brand items on it. I keep a food log on my computer so that I do not have to keep looking foods up.

Hi !
I am writing diabetes management software and next feature I am working on is carb counting… I plan to have it finished by end of this month… So if you wish I can send you some test version at the end of month. Please contact me, so I know where to send it (public release is on 4th April, so you probably don’t want to wait, I can send you preview).

Software is out… Latest version is on site and it has carb counter possibilities (you have 3 databases: USDA (readonly), User database (contains nutrients and nutritions), Meals database (can conatin pre-messared contents, or full-meals). \

You can check it at: