Looking for: Online Carb Counting Info

Does anyone know a good book or online resource for carb counting for type 1 diabetes?

Looking for easy to use tables with carb info etc

General advice also welcome!

We use this one a lot you can also put in a restaurant


Tyler’s mom

I have used CalorieKing and FitDay.

But my experience is that as a T1, what you really want is not just a tool to help you count carbs, you really need a tool to help take those carb counts, add them up, estimate doses and then log the good and insulin.

I 2nd these recommendations. I use CalorieKing and the smartphone app "GoMeals" which has the CalorieKing database in it (both generic food and restaurants).

After awhile you will memorize the values for things you eat frequently, rice, potatoes, or whatever is in your diet. There are lots of things that for the most part you don't need to count because they are too small, so that makes it easy too.

Thanks so much for your reply.

Did you ever visit a dietican? My doctor has recommended it...

Does such a tool exist? I am very new to this and waiting for books to arrive so I can educate myself more in this area!

I have the Calorie King website bookmarked and used it constantly during the first few months after my dx! I like that you can plug in different serving sizes, including grams and ounces.

However, right now I'm not a strict carb counter. My strategy is to limit my diet to foods that are so low in carbs that I can estimate my bolus without having to do a ton of math. Looking at the carb counts on Calorie King definitely helped me decide what I do and do not want to include in my diet.

I like "The Corinne T. Netzer Carbohydrate Counter" It's simple, alphabetical and easy to look things up in, especially if you make food from scratch instead of eating more processed products. Only lists carbs, not protein/fat/calories. Here's a link to it on Amazon:


I use CarbFinder on my iPhone and love it. Free (last I checked), very easy to look up information, and you can add your own items as well. Also, many chain restaurants have carb counts listed online (at least they do here in the U.S., and I see you're in Israel.)


All have great, very extensive databases and associated smartphone apps