Free Diabetes Book Raffle from!

Hello everyone!

I have some news to share from Diabetes Self-Management, where I work.

To help kick off the new year, Diabetes Self-Management is hosting a book raffle! One lucky winner will get a copy of “Best-Ever Tips,” along with three additional prizes. Although technically books are not “diabetes supplies,” hopefully it will be just as valuable! To find out more, visit the raffle page at The contest opens today and runs through the end of January.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year! And good luck!

Stay warm and safe,


P.S. Thanks very much to MelissaBL for giving me permission to post here!

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Hello all!

I just wanted to update this a little bit; I know that it’s been a while. The last raffle is over, but there’s a new one again!

I’m afraid I can’t help with other supplies, but I hope that the tips in the “Best-Ever Tips” book might be useful for someone in this great community. It’s the exact same deal as last time (no spam e-mails or anything I promise), and runs until the end of March. I really hope that the book will be a useful tool for someone on here to use.

The new page is:

All the best!

P.S. I hope that it’s ok that I’m bumping my last posting, since it’s the same thing. I’m sorry if that’s not ok, but thanks much for letting me post here!