Free Humalog Pens, discounted Lantus pens

Recently there's been some discussion about the cost of insulin, and the impact on some of our fellow members who do not have insurance.

Both Lilly and Sanofi have trial programs available to anyone with a prescription.

Humalog (Lilly): Get one pack of 5 humalog pens (1500U total, including mixes) absolutely free with this coupon.

I recently changed to the Omnipod, so my insurance is now paying for 10ml vials rather than the pens, which I was using. They won't cover the pens anymore, obviously. But, my prescription is still good, so I used this coupon to get one more box of pens, good through 2/16, to keep in my fridge as a backup.

The coupon also says it's good once a year. Really? They've got to be kidding! If so, I'll get my free box of pens every year, then. A $600 value. I'm floored!

Lantus (Sanofi): Sanofi is not nearly as generous, sort of. Their coupon is also worth $600, but they're more clever about it. The cover up to $100 for up to six prescriptions, with the patient paying a $25 copay. This conveniently works out to $125, the cash retail cost of one pen.

So, I'm going to have my endo write me a prescription for one pen a month, refillable 5 times, and use this discount to accumulate 5 pens over 6 months, $125 out-of-pocket. Not as good as Lilly, but still a damn good near-freebie.

Unfortunately, these are not solutions for on-going needs without insurance. Still, for many T1's that have small volume insulin needs, 1500U might last 6 months or more. I don't know, since as a T2 I use industrial-sized barrels of insulin each month :-)

Good luck, folks. I've already cashed in the Lilly coupon, and can verify this is actually real. BTW, my pharmacist was agog at this giveaway.

Thanks for sharing the link to the coupon. In the past week I heard from needymeds or one of those similar places, that there was some kind of coupon for Humalog guess this is it :)