No Insurance

Hello everyone,
I have recently been put on SSA Disability and will not be eligle for medicare insurance for another 18months. That being said I have no insurance coverage and wonder if anyone knows the least expensive place to get pen needles for the Humalog Pens? The Humalog Pens are being supplied at no charge to me from the Lilly Company but I must buy the needles myself. Any info would be appreciated. I am now using the OmniPod Pump, but have to go back to injections. (Bummer).
Thanks, Matt

Only in America!

I saw $18 for box of 100 at American Diabetes Wholesale. Their cash prices seem to be pretty good but I’ve had a lot of difficulty with getting my orders from them on time, lots of computer issues on their end, lost orders etc.
When I didn’t have insurance, I reused my needles for weeks, just remove them from the pen so no air leaks in and keep them clean.
Is Lilly giving you free basal insulin pens too?


Thanks for info Franco. Yes Lilly has a program called “Lilly Cares”. If you meet income limits they supply a multitude of insulin products free. Website is “”.


Sorry to hear about this Matt! I’m glad that you already got your insulin covered through Lilly Cares.

Hocks is an online pharmacy that often has good prices. You can check out some of their brands of pen needles HERE

Thanks Kristin, I checked them out. Price was good.

You can also get pen needles at walmart for $9. I think they might have been boxes of 50 instead of 100 though. At least you wouldn’t have to pay for shipping or worry about ordering ahead of time.

Thanks Lizzie, I did go to walmart and buy them. They were $9.00 @ box of 50. more manageable.