Hey everyone…just thought I’d make a quick post to help everyone out since I’m sure we could all use something free every once in a while. This offer is from One touch and I’m sure you’d love to have one:

Go here and fill out your information to have it mailed. I’m serious; I hate spamming so I’m not trying to push anything on you that you’d have to click 100 links to get; just let them know where to send it and how many times a day you test…the usual; when did you get diagnosed questions too, but it’s two quick pages and they send you the color you want.

If you do it, come back here and let others know that it’s legit as well.

Thanks, here’s the link:

That’s horrible…well, I’m sorry. I hope this works then…I’m really sorry!

your are very welcome. You know, I was doing a little research on free meters and help with test strips and if you’re interested. Free style is also giving away free meters but they are also offering sort of like an insurance assistance program. It’s not really an insurance policy, but they help with 50.00 a month towards test strips and you can get the meter (one of two) that they offer in their current promotion area. Here’s the link if you or anyone is interested in checking out (by the way, you don’t have to have insurance to qualify and it’s free to begin with). here we go:
This one is for the free meter all you have to do is chose between one of the two and submit your mailing address and that’s it:

Here’s for the insurance assistance program (everyone qualifies):

Hope this will help some of you!!!


PS: voting is still going on for that giveaway I asked some of you to help me with yesterday and votes are accepted daily. Check out my other post “Vote for my picture” if you’re still interested :slight_smile:

Sorry folks…the first link is incorrect. Just go to the second link in my comment above and look on the left side of the screen. Click on the “Current Offers” and then you can choose your free meter…hope that helps. Sorry about that mistake! :slight_smile: