Free Meters?

I start school soon and need a meter for school too, is there any way of getting a free meter?

A lot of times you can go to the various manufacturers websites and they will have an offer up to get a free one. They are more than happy to give you a free meter because then you buy their test strips! Also, you might just ask your endo, they get free ones alot

Or call the 800 number of your current meter and ask for a second one. Then you only have to have one kind of strips.


I have a One Touch Ultra, One Touch Ultra 2, and a One Touch Mini. I don’t use them anymore, and are all less than two years old. I use the One Touch Ultra Link with my pump, and don’t need all of them. It would be nice to find a good home for one of them. If you PM me, I would be happy to send you which ever one you want. Let me know.

Free One Touch Meter offer - it’s legit, I’ve redeemed the offer

Free Freestyle Lite Meter (By signing up for their Promise program - which gets you $50 off your monthly strip co-pay. I’m a HUGE fan. My strips would cost me $84 a month for my 400(!) strips, but instead, it’s only $34.)

Try to get the same brand you’re using now from your doctor or from the company. All meters are allowed a margin of error of ± 20 & it makes it harder when you use different brands.

What are you using? I have a Freestyle I don’t use–brandnew. Glad to mail it to you.

I didn’t qualify for the One Touch offer. Do you know what a person needs to say to convince them to qualify you? (My current one touch has a crack in the screen and it’s a couple years old, I figure it’s time to get another.)

First, I would ask your doc or your pharmacist or your CDE if they have any meters to offer. Mine always do. I’ve gotten free freestyle flash meters from my CDE, my local pump rep, and from a Cozmo rep last year. It’s possible that since Minimed and Animas have deals with One Touch, a local rep might be able to hook you up if you feign interest in their pumps. And I bet your CDE has a stash to hand out.

Maybe you could contact your insurance and ask if they have any programs for diabetics. After I signed up for a (completely lame) BCBS program called ConditionCare, I started getting all kinds of coupons and crappy educational materials from BCBS, but I have gotten two one touch ultramini and accu-check aviva meter offers. One Touch and Accu-Check are the preferred strips on my plan, so the insurance is always trying to convince me to switch from Freestyle by sending me free meter coupons.

Also, some of the diabetes magazines include One Touch offers for free meters. Next time you’re at the endo or waiting in line at the pharmacy, flip through a mag and see if you can find an offer.

And lastly, call Lifescan’s customer support at (800) 227-8862. They make all their money off of strips, so usually, they’re happy to give out the meters for free in order to keep you buying their strips. I bet you could talk your way to a free Mini coupon.