Are meters still free?

I recently ran over (don’t ask, long story) my one-touch ultra mini that I keep in the car. They used to give these away for free but I can’t find the offers that used to be available.

Does anyone know if these can still be gotten for free? I’ll take any one-touch meter (since that’s the brand of strip I use) but I really can’t justify paying for one when I spend so much on strips.

Thanks in advance,

I’ve found free meter deals frequently. You can Google for any current freebies. Try calling One Touch customer service & asking for a replacement. They 'll probaby send you another free. The money’s in selling strips. Hey, tell us how you ran over your meter!

It was totally stupid.

I was driving home from work on Friday when my Dexcom (love it) started beeping. It was bumper to bumper traffic crawling along with frequent stops so it would be a long time before I could get off the road. Plus I figured I wasn’t using my hands to steer anyways (straight road) and at this point I can test with my eyes closed.

So I took out my spare meter that I keep in the door well. Tested (55 - yikes!), chewed some tabs that I keep with the meter and blindly put it back in the door well. Except that it didn’t quite make it into the door well but landed on the floor next to the door.

When I got home and opened the door it must have fallen out and I didn’t notice until the next day when I ran it over backing out of the garage.

Ok - not such a long story I guess but stupid nontheless :wink:

I agree with Gerri, call them up they will probably send you one. For a while, One Touch wasn’t giving actual meters to my clinic, but rather coupons that could be redeemed at a pharmacy with a Rx. I’m not sure if it was availability, or the # of ‘free’ meters showing up for sale on eBay, but it was a change in tactic. I believe that the last time I was in they had a few of the Ultras hanging around but I can’t really recall…

Not stupid at all. Easy to do that. I once dropped mine in the toilet.

I’ve gone to onetouch and just applied for a free meter even though I had gotten a free one before. Geeze, they would rather give you a free meter than have you switch companies. I think I have three onetouches.

I just called One Touch. Apparently they no longer give out free meters as liberally as they used to. The person I spoke too was very apologetic but said that it wasn’t covered under warranty and my best bet was to get a new meter through insurance. What a hassle. They’re only $15 at CVS so I’ll probably just spend the money.

$15 is a good price, but nuts they won’t send you a freebie.

Abbott will replace any Freestyle meter (we had a collection of four broken ones). As long as you give them the serial number of the broken meter. We did not know this and usually get extra meters at the endos but they offered to do this and replaced all four. In addition, they have a Promise program, where they will reimburse you $50 a month for strips and this $50 can be applied to copays for their strips as well. We have tried the One Touch Mini because it is so cute, but Freestye uses a smaller blood sample. If you use One Touch because you want it to sync to the Minimed pump, then I guess you are stuck but I would be annoyed at their customer service and switch meters. The money they make off strips far, far exceeds the cost of a repacement meter, IMO. Their frugality with replacing a $20 or $30 meter has the potential to cost them approximately $10 day in strips. Not too bright, if I may say so.

Make you a deal, Dave. I’ll send you my Accu-chek Aviva and about 450 strips if you send me your One touch strips! (I just went on the pump so have to change strip brand and discovered my insurance charges 3 x as much for the one touch strips.

I can’t blame you! I guess the days of sending out replacements no questions asked are over.

Just call Lifescan and explain the situation. I am willing to bet that you will get a free one in just a few days.