Free OneTouch Ultra 2 or Mini Free

Free offer…

Thanks! Mine will arrive in 4-6 weeks :slight_smile:

I order and give these meters away!!

I hope my Mini has a data port :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up I love freebies.

I am the same as Kristin as I also get coupons for $20 off meters in the sunday paper and when i get the meters for free, I just give then to my support group for handout. Thanks for this link, I will get another for handout.

The new one I got this week did have and hooked right up to the software. Did have to download a new driver, but otherwise worked fine. You will probably have to download the driver from the onetouch site.

I got the Ultra2 about a month ago and the UltraMini about a week ago. The Mini does have the data port. I’m waiting for a couple of other meters to arrive before I set them up for use: I’m looking to go through a series of side-by-side tests to check out the newer/newest generation of monitors.

I think it took about 3 weeks to get the monitor after signup (then again, I’m in the US).