Need a One Touch Ultra Mini Data (USB) Cable

Hey, Does anyone know how I could score a data (USB) cable cable for a One Touch Ultra Mini WITHOUT paying $39.99 on the website? I have the software, but $39.99 is a rip-off!

You might try what i did ! I called them and didnt complain about the price at all. I just told them that I test about 6 times a day, which I do ! Then said I was using a Nova Max meter and would rather use the Ultra, being MM had sent me a free one and thats what MM supports now! But i need to be able to download my results and I just cant afford to buy a new cable at this time to do that ! Is their anyway that you could help me get started with your meter ???

Need to add ! They plesently agreed to send a new cable. I had it in less than a week ! Dan

I ordered mine on ebay for about $20.00

This is his direct site !!!

Go to this link and call the number. I guy that I know from another forum posted it there. The bad news is, if your outside the USA you’re out of luck for this. It’s USA only. Go figure right? Anyway, here it is:

Thanks, Beowulf. That number worked like a charm. Free cable in 7 to 10 business days. It’s a great way to keep someone loyal to a certain brand of meter.

I just saw that One Touch is offering a free cable as well and should be getting mine in a week or so.

wanted to bump this…i just ordered mine.

I called One Touch in Canada and they mailed me one for free when I asked.

Agreed. They did the same for me when I called and asked for a new OneTouch UltraMini meter to use as my backup - they sent me the meter, the cable, and a sample pack of strips for free! Didn’t even have to bribe or negotiate with them.

I just called. They are sendng me a usb cable too.

Are you in Canada? I ask because I called LifeLine US and they offered to sell me a cable for 29.99. When I explained I could not use the software on a 64bit system and just needed a cable she said the 29.99 was for the cable and the software is thrown in free.

Just called them... no more free cables, supervisor nixed sending a freebie too. :(