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This latest update will be smaller and thinner, plus send blood glucose readings directly to our smartphones with no scan necessary:


That’s the real thing when it can send data.
Now if we can get it to control a pump we got something.


It has been announced that the BigFoot Biomedical pump will be controlled by the Abbot sensor. Look for it to be introduced in 2021 or 2022 most likely.


I haven’t heard anything from Tandem yet, I assume they’re waiting until the Libre 3 is approved in the US, but they are partnered with Abbott now. It should be coming in the very near future. It’ll just be a software update away.

Looks like no reader? Phone app only?

So now we are “insulin requiring” instead of “insulin dependent”.

It took decades to get rid of juvenile diabetes!!!


Or sugar diabetes. I have a bracelet that says that

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My chain medal says “a lil bit a suga”.

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Looks that way. I’m using both the reader and my iPhone currently with my Libre 14 day sensors, but mostly the iPhone. So that would be okay with me.

You will see it in 2026 after it works well in Europe for two years and then the FDA delaying it another two years just because they can. Their last interest is making things easier for folks with health problems.

Here’s some timeline data.

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I’m sure it will take some time, but mostly because of Covid-19 making clinical trials difficult, and I’m guessing Abbott will want to profit off the Libre 2 a little bit before rolling out the next gen.

Trust me, I’m no fan of government or the FDA. It was my job to deal with them when I was the Chief Science Officer for a non-diabetic medical device company. I have to admit, though, that I’ve been impressed with how much faster they’ve been able to put medical devices through The last device I pushed through the FDA took a full 3 years to get approval.

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I’m getting Dex covered 100 percent right now, so this will still be good for future use. But I like my reader receiver not phone.

Finally. This is huge news because we will have a product that is one third the cost of dexcom. Competition is good and Dex has been gauging insurance and consumers alike. Great product but we need competition.

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this is great but i am really not a fan of having more data into my phone. i may be in the minority here but i like shutting it off at night and having the option to leave it and only take my meter.