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That is good news as long as the sensor price does not go up 40%. I like to pre-plan my new sensor days based on day of the week and my usual weekly schedule, so the 12 hour startup will not hit when I need the data. That was impossible with 10 day sensors so I temporarily went back to Dex G5 for the summer/fall. Should be a piece of cake with a 14 day sensor.


This 14-day sensor also comes with a 1-hour warm-up period.


I’m sure folks at Bigfoot are happy about this approval. And me (if I ever go there) – 10 days is terribly inconvenient for me. 14 is MUCH better - especially with the shorter warmup!


You could start the new one and use glimp to read them both

glimp will read a newly started sensor right away

This is good news. The 12 hour warm-up time is the only thing I do not like about the 10 day sensors.

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I have a fantastic copay right now. I sure do hope the price doesnt go up. I would rather be paying what I am paying…If they just start replacing boxes of sensors, great!!!

Even if the price goes up - it will be same overall due to longer time, and just think - they can be wrong for 14 days instead of 10.

Actually the last few sensors have been decent for my wife and have saved numerous nighttime lows.

It seems for her to be excellent with lows

14 days and the short warmup have been standard in the European version of Libre that has been around for a couple of years. The 10-days and 12 hour warmup were mods insisted on by the FDA. AFAIK the sensors are identical, so the only changes will be to the software. Since the 10 d limit tips the balance in costs away from Libre and towards Dexcom, I would be surprised if Abbot increase the price.

Quite a few people on this side of the pond are looping using Libre and MiaoMiao to push the data to xDrip (i.e. converting it to true CGM)


Wow, that’s GREAT news!

Of course it also means I’ll be having to tape them in place for the last 7 days instead of the last 3 like I’ve had to do with several of them recently…

Wonder if we have to buy new reader? My CDE gave me the starter kit for free, and I know lots of folks obtained theirs like that…

Doubtful on the new reader - the time prob lives in the sensor

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Ah, ok thanks!


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Someone in FB group said they told them new reader required so who knows…???

Well, if it was facebook!


Abbot Diabetic customer service


I was gona wait a few days and ask that and when available

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Let us know…

What we were told in Europe is that it is the reader that had the hard stop installed. You guys in the US have always been able to get 14 days if you used, xdrip+, Spike or Glimp apps and converted Libre to full CGM.
I have a website which tells you how to get these life transforming apps (not Glimp). In Uk the most popular transmitter MiaoMiao (MM) costs about £165 ($200??) it is re-chargeable, waterproof and you can calibrate when you get a dodgy Libre sensor (like my current one).
I am a past user of the Dexcom G5 and have found this setup to be just as good.
Now back to my website to re-write the bit about Libre in the US - just give me 10 minutes.


So great it is working so well for you both! Just wondering if the new one has alarms for highs and lows? I’m so glad the warm up time is now very doable but without the alarms, it wouldn’t help me much. Don’t feel those lows🙁

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Still doesn’t do those but the techies can tell you other ways to add to the system (I wont try to explain…lol…)