Freestyle Libre 3

I was finally able to solve this problem by going into my iPhone Settings, scrolling down to “Libre 3” app, and clicking on “Allow Libre 3 to access Bluetooth”. I’ll have to say, it’s nice to not have to scan for a BG reading anymore. :smiley:

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When you get a “batch” of 3 Libre 3 sensors at one time, do you save extra money?
I’m currently getting just two at a time from Walgreens – $78.58. Wonder if getting more at one time would cost less. I know that one sensor costs $44 – so there’s a savings of $10 right there by getting 2 at a time.

From the Libre 3 FAQs (USA):

“No other devices are required besides the sensor and app on a compatible smartphone* for routine diabetes management. The FreeStyle Libre 3 System does not currently include a reader with a built-in blood glucose meter. Under conditions where blood glucose testing is required, any blood glucose meter system can be used.”


Maybe it will be different in the US, but in Germany they first release Libre 3 as app-only (first only iOS, then months later adding the Android app). About a year after Libre 3 had been available, they made a reader available.

I assume it will be the same in other countries, but I guess it could always be app-only in the US.

(emphasis mine)

This makes me think a reader will eventually be available in the US as it is in Germany.

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I’m in Germany so my experience will be totally different to those in the US.

In case anyone in Germany is looking for this info, I send a prescription every quarter to Abbot and Abbott ships me a batch of 7 sensors for the quarter. They’re covered by insurance (AOK BW) and each batch costs me €30 (€5/sensor plus one freebie).

The first batch of Libre 3s included the reader, just like it did for my first Libre 2 batch, at no extra cost.

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@dogramma No extra discounts for quantity that I am aware of. I used to pick up 2 but now pick up 4 LIbre at once because it’s easier… I used to get them through Walgreens, then Walgreens mail order and now pick them up at Costco. I don’t know about the single price as I don’t think I’ve ever bought just one. But there has been no difference in price between 2 or 4. Of course I couldn’t tell you for sure about Walgreens because I haven’t bought any there for a few years since I am now using Costco.

My insurance/ Medicare covers it all every three months for me. I am very thankful. I asked for it for years. Nancy 50

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So, Finn – does your reader automatically read and display blood glucose level every minute without swiping like the app does?

Correct. I press the home button on the reader and it displays my blood sugar. No swiping needed.


I have been using a Free Style Libre 2 for some months. I love the ease of it compared to finger sticks but I’m discouraged about the accuracy of it. My ins isn’t paying for it since I’m not using insulin.
I got on this site to ask if a Dexcom cgm would be a better choice. I’m also thinking about continuing my diet and exercise and taking a break from glucose checking for a while. My last A1c was 6.2. Any thoughts?

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The Dexcom G7 is more similar to Libre, and in process of rolling out by country. Maybe wait for that?

Dexcom is a lot more expensive. Some people find it is very accurate for them. You may be able to get a sample from your doc to try. I found libre 2 was about the same as dex me. And no calibration. I have problems with accuracy so I never bolus off dex. But I can’t function without cgm. I am having a lot of stress from the alarms now so I turn off my phone a lot for dex and shuggah but somehow they have commandeered my ability to shut off all notifications so sometimes they still seem to beep when I shut off critical alerts and everything else. These people need to realize they should not do that.