Trying the FreeStyle Libre 14 day

So, I was sick of paying so much money for the Dexcom 6 and the doctor switch me from insulin to Ozempic. I am trying out the FreeStyle Libre. I found the insertion process easier and it’s smaller and thinner than the Dexcom 6. A plus! However, I am noticing that it seems to run a lot lower than the Dexcom by at least 20 points… I think for my purposes as a type 2 and not on insulin, it will work out ok for me. I guess I will see how much it’s off when I get my first A1c.
If the Dexcom 7 comes out and the price is the same, I’d go back to Dexcom…

It won’t be less. Let’s all just accept that. It will be more, but hopefully it is as accurate or more accurate than the G6.
I am very happy with it and comfortable enough to use it for insulin dosing.
I will be wary of the new one until I’ve had time to wear it a while.

The one good thing about the direction of cgm is that they won’t have any initial outlay. So we can switch over to another brand more easily.
This might keep the prices down, but we need to get pump companies willing to open their pumps to different sensors.

It seems they are moving on that, but we just won’t know till things actually change.

LOL… you are realistic. I read that they wanted to have a more competitive price, so I was being optimistic…

I can’t imagine how complicated things get with a pump.

It was complicated at first, however I really like it. Now I’m used to it, it allows me more freedom. And flexibility.
It’s not for everyone. Having things attached to you is irritating sometimes.
A patch pump with reliable cgm and a really good algorithm. That’s what I’m waiting for.
I think we are close too.

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Ok, this is what I get for being positive. The thing just fell off tonight for no good reason?? I took a bath. That shouldn’t have made it fall off!!! Grrrr…

Did you use any Skin-Tac or similar adhesive? I found when I was using the Libre that the adhesive was somewhat unreliable without some help. You can call Abbott and get a replacement.

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Thanks Firenza. I was sensitive to the adhesive on the Dexcom 7, so I automatically used the Skin Prep. I’ll have to try another strategy and see what Abbott says. I’ll check out some Skin-tac…